Without a Hitch

Without a Hitch by Andrew Price Read Free Book Online

Book: Without a Hitch by Andrew Price Read Free Book Online
Authors: Andrew Price
Tags: thriller
get back to your office.  Kak’s
on the prowl today, and he’s already been in here twice.”
    Theresa waved
off his comment.  “I don’t care about Kak.”  She shifted slightly so she could
see Beckett more easily.  “Apparently, our little Molly had a date the other night
with a banker, and it didn’t go well.”  Theresa often described Molly as
“little,” to ironically emphasize Molly’s larger-than-average build.
    “There seems to
be a lot of that going around lately,” said Beckett, referencing Corbin’s
failed date.  Corbin shot Beckett a nasty look in return, though Theresa didn’t
    “You won’t believe
this!” Theresa said, far too happily.  “This guy was perfect for her! 
He’s rich, which we all know is her primary requirement.  He’s an up-and-coming
junior partner at a local investment bank.  He’s older than her, so we avoid a
repeat of last summer’s crisis.”
    Corbin and
Beckett nodded involuntary at the memory of Molly’s behavior the prior summer.
    “What’s more,
for some reason I’ll never understand, he adores her!  He’s apparently
completely smitten with her, even though he knows all about her, uh,” Theresa cleared
her throat, “unusually experienced past.  Can you believe he doesn’t care about
that?  Incredible!”
    Corbin ignored
Theresa’s rant and opened his e-mail.
however, couldn’t ignore her.  “What’s the catch?”
    Theresa’s smile
broadened to the point that it appeared dangerously close to spreading beyond
the confines of her face.  “He’s two inches shorter than she is!”
    Corbin rolled
his eyes, thinking back to Molly’s comments about heels, but he remained
    “So what?”
Beckett asked.  He sounded confused.
Theresa verged on giddiness.  “For normal people like you and me, that wouldn’t
be a big deal.  But for her, a shorter date is an affront to her dignity!  She
spent the whole morning complaining to anyone she ran across.  Then she called
the friend who introduced them, and she yelled at her for setting her up with
‘McShorty.’  Afterwards, she called McShorty himself and told him he was too
short for her.”
    “She didn’t!”
Beckett gasped.
    “She did!”
Theresa laughed.  “This is the fifth guy she’s dumped in the last two months,
and always for the shallowest reasons:  too young, too cheap, too old, too
bald, and now too short.  Two more and she becomes some twisted Snow White.” 
Theresa grabbed a folder from Corbin’s desk and held it before her face. 
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the nuttiest fruitcake of them all.”
    Corbin took the
folder back.  “Don’t start handing out any poison apples.”
    “I wouldn’t
dream of it,” Theresa replied innocently, fluttering her eyes.  “Poison’s far
too slow,” she purred.
    Beckett walked
over to his filing cabinet.  “I don’t want to know any more.”
    Theresa looked
at him.  The smile on her face faded.  She looked at Corbin, but he also seemed
unwilling to continue the discussion.  Annoyed at their lack of participation,
she slid off Corbin’s desk and headed for the door.  “I’m sorry to hear your
date didn’t go well, Alex.”  Her tone did not match her words.  “But at least
you’re still on the market, that’s all that matters. . . you’ll come around.”
    When Theresa left,
Corbin whispered across the room to Beckett:  “See what I mean?!”
    “She’s just
lonely,” Beckett said, picking up his newspaper.  “She’s got nice legs though.”
    “Yeah, and she’s
got something else too.”
    “My watch.”
    “She did say
you’d come around.”  They both laughed.
    A few minutes
later, Kak burst into their office without knocking.  He never knocked.  It was
immediately obvious he was furious.  His face had turned bright red and was
trending toward purple.
    “What. . . what
do you think you’re doing?!”  Kak had difficulty

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