Woman on Top [McQueen Was My Valley 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Woman on Top [McQueen Was My Valley 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Karen Mercury Read Free Book Online

Book: Woman on Top [McQueen Was My Valley 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Karen Mercury Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karen Mercury
Tags: Romance
blurted. “That is beyond sweet. That’s downright caring.”
    She noted Adrian’s eyes flickering, perhaps with jealousy. “You’re kidding me, Verona. You sit all night long next to a goddamned trap ?”
    Gabriel frowned. “Well, it may not be as glamorous as your jet-setting lifestyle, Kinsey. But it’s what we do. We’re the last line of defense between these critters and extinction.”
    Gabriel turned and began skiing off, across the bowl toward Camp Walden, where the gondola took visitors back to the Triple Play. “Wait!” cried Brooke, skiing off after Gabriel. “I want to help you with the critters! Let me come with you on the stakeout. At least I can keep you company—keep you awake.”
    “Wait,” echoed Adrian. He skied on the other side of Gabriel, all three of them furiously striding ahead through the powder. “You don’t need a massage therapist sitting surveillance with you. You need someone experienced in ISR.”
    Brooke flashed Adrian a look of ingratitude. “What’s that?”
    Gabriel answered. “Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. You’re right, Adrian. I could use you. But don’t you think Brooke here will help us stay awake? I intend to wait and see if the jerk comes back to check his trap. By law they have to check their traps every forty-eight hours so captured animals don’t suffer. I want to see who he is, find out more about him. I suspect him of being the deer poacher.”
    Brooke skied abreast of the men. She cast Adrian meaningful glances. Suddenly she wanted to go on this stakeout more than anything. She knew she was an impulsive girl, but her life had always been full of adventure that way. She had to give up her former wild life, she knew, but did it have to be replaced with empty desks and mindless chitchat with guests? She was in the great outdoors now. Such a place should be rife with adventure.
    Adrian nodded. “Of course,” he said, somewhat reluctantly. “Female company would be greatly appreciated.”
    “ Yes !” cried Brooke, practically fist-pumping in her excitement. “You guys won’t regret this. I’ll get Leif to give us some appetizers to go.”
    “You don’t need to bring your makeup and your hair dryer,” Gabriel cautioned, but Brooke knew there was a glint of mischief in his eyes.
    Oh, holy shit. Here I go again. She was blowing off responsibility to have an adventure with two relatively strange men. Joy surged in her chest. It struck her as odd that it felt like much more than the usual lust for the men, or lust for life in general.
    She genuinely wanted to make sure Gabriel got his poacher. She genuinely cared.

Chapter Five
    “There was a proposal recently,” Gabriel said cheerfully, “to change the mandatory trap check law from forty-eight hours to one week. Some said forty-eight hours isn’t enough time for a hunter’s scent to leave the trap, so they weren’t bagging the coyotes they hate. It was voted down as unethical.”
    Adrian couldn’t believe he was sitting in a damned SUV at midnight—actually hiding behind an enormous sandstone steeple, parked in a pocket canyon, watching a cougar trap with night vision binoculars. This was not the type of surveillance Adrian was accustomed to. Why didn’t he have anything better to do? He seriously needed to get a life.
    Why had he been so eager to volunteer for this mission, anyway? Adrian couldn’t explain why he seemed to have fallen so hard for the brutal game warden who had fucked him with his police baton after handcuffing him and threatening to arrest him. How did Gabriel know that Adrian had really enjoyed it? For all Gabriel knew, Adrian was a die-hard, militant straight man who would knock his block off at being handcuffed, sensually or not.
    Well, maybe it had been Adrian’s attitude, his reaction that had given Gabriel the go-ahead. A guy who was truly protesting wouldn’t swivel his hips erotically while his prick exploded in another guy’s mouth, that was for

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