You Were My Crush: Till You Said You Love Me!

You Were My Crush: Till You Said You Love Me! by Durjoy Datta, Orvana Ghai Read Free Book Online

Book: You Were My Crush: Till You Said You Love Me! by Durjoy Datta, Orvana Ghai Read Free Book Online
Authors: Durjoy Datta, Orvana Ghai
    ‘Yes, Eshaan taught me everything. What did you think? I paid for
? Do I look that dumb?’ I asked. We took our seats in the library.
    ‘Well, I will not lie, but you kind of do look stupid in your stupid red shoes and your tight T-shirts.’
    ‘But why didn’t you just attend classes?’ she asked.
    ‘My mother was undergoing treatment for cancer last year so I had to miss a few,’ I whispered, as the librarian motioned to us to stop talking.
    ‘Oh, I am sorry. Is she better now?’ she asked apologetically.
    ‘She is dead,’ I said flatly. I have never got used to saying that; it’s still as painful.
    ‘I had no idea,’ she said suddenly, as she looked at me. I knew the look in her eyes. It said,
Oh, his mom died.
    ‘It’s okay,’ I smiled at her.
    ‘I am sorry. I thought you lied when you said you had family problems.’
    ‘C’mon, there was no way you could have known.’
    I smiled and asked her to concentrate on the job at hand. I assured her that I was fine, and yet, she kept looking at me from time to time with pitying eyes. It was four in the afternoon when we took the second break. She was still on the thousandth page because much of her time went into helping me out rather than reading the book herself. I had slowed her down.
    ‘I am sorry. You could have completed the book by now if I were not this dumb,’ I said.
are a team. And we are only as strong as our weakest link! And I didn’t say you’re stupid. I just said you look stupid,’ she said.
    ‘Whatever,’ I said and sipped at my coffee.
    We took frequent breaks and we gossiped about professors, our classmates, people we had crushes on (all her crushes were on senior toppers), and she was surprised to hear that I was single.
    ‘Didn’t you once date someone from the fashion parade team? During the very early days?’ she asked.
    ‘Naah, not really,’ I said. ‘Just rumours. I had just talked to her once. Did it become news?’
    ‘Kind of.’
    ‘You are kidding me! And then you say I look stupid. All evidence points to the contrary. I think I am gorgeous in my red shoes,’ I said.
    ‘You’re so gay, Benoy.’
    ‘You’re just jealous,’ I said.
    ‘Yeah, right,’ she said.
    We went back to the drudgery of our books, and we laboured on till it was six and time for Diya to go back home.
    ‘You can’t go now! We have so much left to do,’ I protested.
    ‘Benoy, it will be seven thirty by the time I reach home. I am not allowed outside beyond that,’ she said. ‘You will be able to do the rest on your own, right?’
    ‘On my own? There are two hundred more pages and you didn’t even make notes for it!’
    ‘Benoy, you can! Stop freaking out,’ she said sweetly.
    ‘Like I can climb Everest and design the next supercomputer.’
    ‘Shut up,’ she said.
    ‘Please? You can come to my place and study!’ I begged.
    ‘Thank you for the invitation, but it’s not possible. My parents will, like, literally kill me. Like they would actually chop me up and feed me to the dogs.’
    ‘I wouldn’t want that,’ I said, and added, ‘for the dogs’ sake. I don’t think you’ll taste all that good.’
    ‘Fine, then. I will just go and you can finish the rest WITHOUT MY HELP,’ she said, faking anger.
    ‘I was kidding, man. I’m sure anyone would love eating you. Okay, let’s do one thing. Let me drop you home, and on the way, you can orally explain to me the chapters a little bit and then I will read it on my own.’
    ‘But I am going home with my sister,’ she said.
    ‘Okay, I will just call and tell her that she should leave on her own.’
    We picked up our bags and headed towards my car, and she called me a lucky bastard after seeing the car I drove.
    ‘You’re so spoilt,’ she said.
    ‘I know,’ I replied.
    We hardly studied on the way back. She was too busypoking fun at how rich and spoilt I was, and how poor she was, and kept

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