Your Treat or Mine

Your Treat or Mine by Your Treat Or Mine Read Free Book Online

Book: Your Treat or Mine by Your Treat Or Mine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Your Treat Or Mine
pace. Her eyes closed of their own volition once she’d situated both legs.
    There was no way she was going to
be able to look at either man while she was in that position.
    The heavy rasp of deep breathing
was the only response to her actions. Although it slowly became softer, it
never quite dissipated. Unable to take their lack of action anymore, Amelia
opened her eyes. From beneath her lashes she looked at both men. She was
stunned by what she saw.
    Riley and Vittorio appeared to be
riveted by the sight of her sex. Beautiful eyes blazing with a fire that seemed
to burn deeply, they stared at her hungrily.
    Amelia licked her lips, closed
her eyes and tilted her head back when she saw Riley drop to his knees.
    The pads of his fingertips moved
up her inner thigh, teased the area where hip met leg, before drifting left to
caress her sheath. Her teeth dug deeper into her bottom lip and her hands
lifted to grip the chairs as she moved her bottom, determined to get closer to the
satisfaction Riley’s hands promised.
    Although she loved the feel of
his fingers on her flesh, Riley was not giving her the touch her burning body
required. His hands were just a little too light. Then there was the clitoral
stimulation her every nerve ending was begging for.
    “Open your eyes, Amelia.”
    Her lids snapped open at
Vittorio’s harshly growled words. Her gaze automatically sought his, only to be
caught by a searing image that stole what little breath she had.
    It was her, on all the screens,
legs open, pussy bare. It was the most erotic sight Amelia had ever seen.
Reluctantly she tore her gaze away to find Vittorio watching her with a hard
smile on his face.
    His desire, his desire for her,
was riding him hard.
    Feminine power like none she’d
ever felt before surged through her veins.
    “You’re going to watch that
screen.” He pointed to the one nearest her. She nodded her head. Her mouth was
too dry to form words.
    But Vittorio wouldn’t let her get
away with that. “Amelia?”
    “Yes, I’ll watch,” she managed to
get past her dry lips.
    Riley’s fingers appeared on the
screen a breath away from the puffy lips of her sex.
    She couldn’t tear her gaze away
from the television.
    “We’re going to make sure you
don’t have anything concealed here.” Riley’s fingers brushed down the slick,
swollen lips of her cunt right as he finished his statement, highlighting
exactly what “here” meant.
    “Oh yes.” Amelia’s reply was so
soft it was almost a whisper. Nothing had ever sounded so good to her.
    The fact they were pretending the
strip search was part of their protocol and she was an unwilling participant
was doing dangerous things to her libido, heating her up until her sex felt
swollen with need.
    Riley’s blunt fingers parted the
folds of her sex to reveal the glistening pink flesh beneath. Amelia stared at
the screen, feeling as though she was seeing her own body for the first time.
    Maybe because she was seeing from
both men’s point of view.
    And in their eyes she was
beautiful, sensual, and sexy.
    A low whimper filled with need
floated through the pungent air the moment Riley touched her. “Nothing here,”
he said softly as his finger teased the area between her clit and slit, never
once touching the entrance to her sheath or her clitoris.
    It was pure torture to Amelia’s
tightly strung nerves.
    When she couldn’t take anymore he
pressed his tongue to her clitoris. The very touch burned her to the core. Her
cunt tightened with desire, fluttered with need and moistened with passion with
every sweep of his talented tongue. All too soon Amelia found herself reaching that
elusive release. She screamed as her orgasm swept through her.
she opened her eyes she realised the two men had traded places. It was now
Riley’s turn to watch as Vittorio brought her pleasure.
knelt before her and parted the slick lips of her sex. She groaned his name
when he slid one blunt finger deep into her sheath

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