You're the One I Want

You're the One I Want by Shane Allison Read Free Book Online

Book: You're the One I Want by Shane Allison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shane Allison
well for you.”
    â€œI’m happy, ‘Shawn. Happier than I’ve been in a long time.”
    â€œWell, me, Ma, and Unc was anything but happy when you packed up and left without saying so much as boo.”
    â€œKashawn, come on, man. Don’t start. I explained why I had to leave, that I needed to find my own way.”
    â€œFor months we didn’t know if you were dead or alive,” I said. “I was the only one here who could settle Ma down. I had to clean up your mess as usual. She was worried sick, all of us were, and you couldn’t so much as pick up the damn phone to let us know that you were all right.”
    â€œDon’t start that mess,” Ma said, clearing cups and paper plates from the patio table. “He’s home now and that is all that matters.”
    â€œNo, it’s cool, Ma. D was just telling me how good he was doing in Hollywood. He’s going to be on this new TV show.”
    â€œCongratulations, baby,” Ma said, snaking her arm around Deanthony’s shoulders. “Is it Tyler Perry’s House of Payne? I love that Mr. Brown. He is too crazy.” Ma grinned. Ma was the kind who was quick to forgive. It was too bad I didn’t inherit that same trait.
    â€œNo, Ma, it’s a new show on Cinemax called Banshee.”
    â€œOh, don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one, baby.” Ma turned to Uncle Ray-Ray and asked, “Do we have Cinemax, Ray?”
    â€œYes, but you don’t ever watch nothing on that channel. After Wheel of Fortune , she’s dead to the world.”
    â€œOh hush up. Deanthony, baby, you let me know when it’s on,and I’ll watch you in it. I’m so proud of my boys, I don’t know what to do.”
    â€œWhy don’t you explain why you abandoned your family and never looked back? What gives, little brother?”
    â€œI told you, man,” Deanthony said.
    â€œI told you, boy, not to start that mess in my house. Deanthony doesn’t owe you, me, none of us an explanation. He is his own man,” Ma said.
    â€œNo, Ma. He owes everyone at this table an explanation for why he was gone for so long, why he took off without so much as a postcard for three years.”
    â€œYou need to drop it,” Deanthony warned.
    â€œOnly Deanthony can be gone this long, then blow back into town and everyone can conveniently act like nothing happened, but I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid.”
    Uncle Ray-Ray came over to join us at the table from cleaning the grill. Deanthony’s voice went up a few octaves, sounding like he was about to do something.
    â€œYou want to know why I fucking left.”
    â€œWatch your language in my house, boy,” Ma scolded.
    â€œMaybe I got tired of living in your shadow, of being the black sheep.”
    â€œWhat the hell are you talking about?”
    â€œDaddy had to be in control of the purse strings. Instead of letting us decide what we wanted to do with all that money. I figured you would follow in his footsteps, ’Shawn. After all, you’re just like him. Mr. Could-Do-No-Wrong, Mr. Tallahassee All-American.”
    â€œYou know that ain’t true,” Ma said.
    â€œYou’ve always played favorites,” Deanthony said.
    â€œWhy didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you just come and talk to me instead of running off?” I asked. “And I don’t care whatDaddy put in the will. You’re my brother. I wanted you to enroll in medical school with me.”
    â€œYou don’t get it, ’Shawn. I got sick of doing what you wanted, of living in your shadow. Why can’t you get that? I wanted to go in another direction for once. What was so great about him anyway? The man wasn’t even our real daddy.”
    â€œHush. That’s enough,” Ma said. Ma cut a look at Deanthony like the scab of her deepest, darkest secret had been picked open.
    â€œWhat the hell are you talking

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