Zombie Castle (Book 1)

Zombie Castle (Book 1) by Chris Harris Read Free Book Online

Book: Zombie Castle (Book 1) by Chris Harris Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chris Harris
Tags: Zombie Apocalypse
needed to get away. I could hear Becky, Stanley and Daisy moaning and weeping at what they were witnessing. I turned to the man and shouted at him, ‘We’re off. Try to stay away from everyone until you find out more. Good luck mate.’
    He seemed to have completely regained his composure. ‘I’m heading to the moors. I’ve got some food but I’m pretty good at foraging. If this is ‘the zombie apocalypse’ it’s one of the things I’m prepared for. My ‘Bug Out’ Bag is in the boot of my car and I’ve got some goodies hidden away in the car for an event like this.’
    I was about to step into the car when he said this, so I stopped and looked at him. ‘Your Bug Out what? Why do you suddenly look better to me?’
    Raising his voice over the sound of the screaming woman in the car, he continued. ‘I’m a prepper mate. There are a lot of us around and we’ve spent years talking about and preparing for various events. We normally talk about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse for fun! But we’re prepped for it all the same. As far as I’m concerned I’ve survived the outbreak and now I’m going to escape, evade and survive. It’s why I’ve spent weeks walking in the countryside. I’ve been practising my skills for when I need them.’
    Sheepishly, he added, ‘Sorry about breaking down just now and screaming like a girl. I guess it was just the shock. Anyway, as I was saying, I always keep a rucksack in my car full of all the things I’ll need. I call it my Bug out Bag. It’ll help me survive wherever I go.’
    I thought quickly, ‘If you’re the expert now. What should we do?’
    He stopped and considered my question for a moment and then spoke. ‘You were on the right track when you said we need to stay away from people until we can understand what’s caused it. It’s all about survival now. Gather food when and where you can. Only eat foraged food that you’re familiar with; some of the things that grow in the wild can kill you. Being part of a group is better in terms of protection, but you must trust each other or it won’t work.’
    He paused for breath then carried on, ‘It’s all down to common sense really. Try to find out what attracts the zombies and try not to do it. We all believe that the best way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain. It would be best to test that theory out in a controlled environment to start with if you can, because your life will depend on knowing how to kill one.’
    He looked round at the Range Rover. The woman had stopped screaming and was either dead or unconscious. Her daughter was still feeding greedily on her face and neck.
    ‘In fact…,’ he walked calmly round to the boot of his car and leant in. He rummaged for a few seconds and emerged holding a large knife. He removed it from its sheath. It was about ten inches long with a sharp point and looked wickedly sharp on one edge. The other edge was serrated. He walked deliberately over to the open window of the Range Rover. The little girl took no notice of him and was occupied with tearing off chunks of her mother’s flesh. He grabbed her by the hair, and before I could say anything, drove the knife deeply into her head. She slumped forward, dead.
    He wiped his knife on the mother’s shirt and put the knife back in its sheath.
    Then he bent over, retched violently and threw up. A lot.
    I waited a minute or two for him to recover. ‘Sorry,’ he said, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief from his pocket. ‘I had to get that over with before I had time to think about what I was going to do. I think we can now confirm that a zombie can be killed by a knife through the brain!’
    He pointed at Becky, Stanley and Daisy, who were staring open mouthed out of the window of the car, and continued. ‘Sorry about doing it in front of your family, but I suppose they’ll need to get used to it at some point.’
    I was unable to speak, so I just waved my hands around like an idiot.
    A noise reached us

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