03-Savage Moon

03-Savage Moon by Chris Simms Read Free Book Online

Book: 03-Savage Moon by Chris Simms Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chris Simms
murmured Rick, clicking on the Manchester area. A new screen appeared listing locations in the area. Rick scrolled down the screen, stopping at a panel titled 'Middleton'.
    Jon scanned the text. 'The car park at the bottom of Silburn Grove is good for dogging action most evenings after nine. Especially popular with gay men.' He shook his head as Rick went back to the home page and clicked on 'Forum'. He then selected 'North West'.
    General discussion, news and chat for swingers and doggers in the North West. Please don't post anything here about specific meet ups, use the chat room for that.
    Rick clicked on the link and a grid format page came up with an entry in each left hand box.
    Are you a newbie needing help?
    Photos from Mark and Jo's Munch Party
    In a quandary and need advice? My new boobies!
    Rick started moving down to the lower entries before Jon had even read the first. 'Hold up. I don't understand all this.'
    Rick glanced at him. 'It's just a standard internet forum. You've never used one before?'
    'OK look, the discussion topic is here.' Rick pointed to the uppermost left hand box. ' “Are you a newbie needing help?” ' He ran his finger over the adjacent boxes. 'The author was TopCat, there've been 9,532 viewings and 376 replies. Last one was posted today at three-o-four p.m. by Fair Maid.'
    Jon looked at his watch. 'That was six minutes ago.'
    Rick nodded. 'People are logged on all the time. See?' He pointed to a line of text at the base of the screen. 'In total there are seventy-two users online, twenty-nine visible, eleven hidden and thirty-two guests.'
    'And these are all people in the north west?'
    'Not necessarily. But if you've entered this region's chat room, you're probably local. We are one of thirty-two guests. If we want to add a topic, we'll have to register with the site and become a member.'
    'Add a topic?'
    Rick sighed. 'This cyberspace stuff confusing you, Jon? Think of it like the notice board in your rugby club. Only this is a club for people who like to have sex in car parks. We can pin up a piece of paper asking if anyone's got information about what happened in Silburn Grove.'
    Jon bounced the heel of his palm off his forehead. 'Sorry mate, I'll try and get with it.'
    'Right, it's your computer, so you should register.'
    Jon's eyes shifted uneasily to the other officers in the room. 'I don't want my bloody details on there!' he hissed.
    Rick's eyes were on the screen and a smile was breaking out on his face. 'I think you may feature already. Look at that entry. Policeman at Silburn Grove. It was posted last Friday at nine forty-eight p.m.'
    'Shit. What does it say?'
    'Let's see,' Rick clicked on the box to open up a fresh page. Beware. In the light of the assault in the car park on Silburn Grove yesterday, the police have taken quite an interest. I drove there just now, only to have this copper approach my car asking for info. While he's there I suggest using the car park at Daisy Nook, it's a lot more secluded anyway. PubDog.
    I saw him too! Big bastard with a crew cut? I was getting my hopes up until he flashed his badge!!! Tall'n'Hairy.
    I know what you mean. I was hoping he was about to give me a flash of something else. PubDog.
    The car park at Daisy Nook it is then. I'll be there 2 nite at 10 , if
    anyone wants some action. SXi.
    See you there, Angel-from-heaven. Likewise. Mr P.
    Jon knew his face was bright red. At least the one with his cock out hadn't posted anything up. He took a hesitant sip of coffee, waiting for his blush to subside.
    Failing miserably to suppress the grin on his face, Rick said,
    'Looks like you made quite an impression.'
    'Ha fucking ha,' Jon replied, still unable to look directly at his colleague.
    'Word travels fast on the internet.'
    'Too right. There wasn't a single car turning up there by
    Saturday night. Now I bloody well know why.'
    Rick clicked back a screen. 'There may have only been four replies, but eighty-two people have viewed that

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