0449474001339292671 4 fighting faer

0449474001339292671 4 fighting faer by Unknown Read Free Book Online

Book: 0449474001339292671 4 fighting faer by Unknown Read Free Book Online
Authors: Unknown
their different species, with the fact that she probably only wanted him because of the magic he exuded. At this point, he didn’t care. All he cared about was that he wanted her in a way he’d never wanted another woman, and she was willing to give him what he needed.
    Everything else could sort itself out later.
    Her lips parted eagerly for his tongue and he plunged deep, seeking the unpolluted taste of her, the flavor that lingered in the soft, inviting recesses of her mouth. He could sense in her the same lust that threatened to send him over the edge, which wasn’t helping his struggle for control. It was a strange twist of fate that humans should find something about the Fae so irresistible when their people had chosen to live so far apart, but there it was. Not even glamours could hide the fact that the Fae were magic, nor keep some humans from sensing it. Corinne’s lust was her reaction to that sense, and it was driving him out of his mind. Not that he minded if she lusted after him, but he still didn’t know how to treat her. He knew humans and Fae were physically compatible, but he’d grown accustomed to taking the women he wanted without the elaborate mating rituals humans observed, and he didn’t picture a human woman appreciating the bold sexuality so common among his people. Besides, somewhere in the back of his mind, he had the feeling he should care that it really wasn’t him she lusted for, it was the magic he couldn’t hide, not even behind the strongest glamour.
    All Fae possessed glamour before all other magics, the simplest and yet most potent power they wielded. By casting a glamour on himself, a Fae could alter his appearance in the eyes of any living being, even other Fae, if he had particularly strong talents. It accounted for all the stories of the seductive beauty of his race. Tam Lin had indeed been captivated by the beauty of the Queen of Faerie, but at least a little bit of that beauty had come from Her Majesty’s particularly strong glamours. Those very tricks usually proved the undoing of any relationships between Fae and mortal. For some reason, humans tended to get all bent out of shape when they discovered their perception of their lovers was based on a web of pretty Page 21

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    lies, and Luc guessed Corinne would be no exception to that.
    He hadn’t used a glamour to enhance his looks, just to disguise them. After Rafe’s warning that Corinne held suspicions about anyone from a different species, they had decided Luc should use his magic to make himself appear human to Regina’s friend. He didn’t even use a big spell, just a few simple incantations that reshaped his ears into a more human (meaning, less pointed) form, softened some of the sharper angles to his features, and disguised the glow of enchantment all Fae wore like a visible aura. But a glamour was a glamour, and human senses occasionally got just enough of a taste of the magic that powered it to find it very seductive indeed. He was willing to bet Corinne wouldn’t appreciate the difference between a big lie and a small one.
    Still, with the taste of her lingering on his tongue, he wasn’t all that sure he cared. All that mattered to him right now was the taste of her, the feel of her under his hands and the warm, musky smell of her arousal filling his senses.
    “Mm.” Her throaty moans drove him crazy. This human he’d been afraid of shocking apparently didn’t know she was supposed to be significantly less aggressive than a Fae woman. Her hands released their grip on his hair and dove between their bodies. She shifted position, throwing one slim leg over his and turning until she straddled his lap, but she never interrupted their kiss. Their mouths fed on each other as she slipped her hands between them and attacked the buttons of his now too-tight jeans.
    Luc barely remembered to stop himself from releasing them with magic.

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