10 Ways to Steal Your Lover

10 Ways to Steal Your Lover by Dee Tenorio Read Free Book Online

Book: 10 Ways to Steal Your Lover by Dee Tenorio Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dee Tenorio
Where the house isn’t absolutely silent and it feels like a place where
memories are being made instead of a place where all the memories are almost
             She drew in a breath, or she tried to,
but her chest was too tight. all the intensity he usually kept bottled tight
was right there for her to see, under the thinnest thread of his control.
             “You may not believe me, Del, but every
damn one of them starts and ends with you.”
             “Kane…” Her warning was half-hearted at
best. His fingers inched down the small of her back, edging toward the highest
curve of her rear and to be perfectly honest, she wanted him to reach for it.
The highest part, the lowest part, then on to trace the crease between to where
the moisture gathering had very little to do with the water pouring over them.
             It was wrong to want him this way, she
knew that. In her head.
             Her heart, though, had other ideas, and
her body was agreeing with all of them.
             “You didn’t marry Craig. You married me.
Even if it only lasts for this one day, I want to make love to my wife. I want
to touch her and taste her and have her know it’s me inside her. Inside you.”
             She couldn’t tear her gaze away if she
wanted to.
             “If you don’t want me when we figure this
thing out, I’ll let you go. It’ll rip my soul out, but I’ll do it for you.
Until then, I just want— I need—”
             She never heard what he needed, because
he gave up trying to explain and just kissed her.

Chapter Five
             He was out of control and he knew it, but
Kane didn’t much care. Not when Delilah was kissing him back, straining to get
closer, her breasts mashed to his chest.
             He wasn’t being gentle, but neither was
she. Her hands clamped onto his shoulders, nearly pulling him off balance. Her
gasp when his hands settled onto the globes of her ass, gripping tight, only
fed the inferno of need inside him.
             Hauling her up, he settled her above his
cock, groaning in relief when her legs tightened like a vise around his hips.
The tiny part of him that worried she wasn’t with him for this fell silent. She
was with him. She was nearly ahead of him, her hips rocking, seeking. One kiss
might as well have been a stick of dynamite for both of them.
             That was the last thought he was able to
             Her back found the wall and the kiss
broke, but not the passion. The jarring shift of her body to the wall lowered
her, the wet lips of her sex enveloping the tip of his cock in an erotic slide
that sent lightning bolts right up into his brain. He grabbed her arms, pulling
them open until he could grasp her wrists and hold them up against the wall.
The position left them balanced precariously, staring at each other with
flushed faces. Her eyes glittered at him, her lips parted for each panted
breath. Each beat of his heart throbbed his cock incrementally deeper into her,
but it wasn’t enough. Not yet.
             With all his being, he wanted to slide
home, but he waited, barely breathing, holding onto this moment for as long as
he could. Savoring the devouring hunger that tore through him and the sweetness
of her desire. She wanted him. Until she couldn’t think of anything but drawing
him deeper into her pussy and allowing him to stake that claim. He could see it
on her face, feel it in the thick dew coating his shaft. Nothing else mattered
in those seconds but the fire building between them.
             Except one thing…
             “Kane,” she whispered, tightening her
muscles around him as she shifted her hips to push him deeper. “Now Kane, I
need you now.”
             Who was he to keep her from what she
needed? Hissing a breath, he sank into her heated depths. She surrounded him,
her back arching to take him further.

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