1915 Fokker Scourge (British Ace Book 2)

1915 Fokker Scourge (British Ace Book 2) by Griff Hosker Read Free Book Online

Book: 1915 Fokker Scourge (British Ace Book 2) by Griff Hosker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Griff Hosker
then the concussion of the first bomb blast made us rise alarmingly. A pair of bombs had hit the field where we had been moments earlier. We had no flying helmets and no speaking tube but Sergeant Sharp had the Lewis cocked and was ready to fire as we continued to climb. We knew what we both had to do. As I banked I saw that only four aeroplanes had made it into the air. I glanced below me and saw that at least three aeroplanes had been hit as well as a couple of the tents. There were fires burning.  The aeroplanes had been fuelled and ready to go. They were like ready made bombs lying helplessly on the ground.
    The bombers were turning for home.  They would have to fly through us to reach it. I cocked the Lewis in front of me. I saw that they were a twin engine aeroplane; we later discovered they were the AEG G1.  Like us they had a gunner in the front and another in the rear of the aircraft. We would be evenly matched. I picked one and flew directly at him. Sharp began to pour bullets into it and I heard the enemy’s bullets striking our aeroplane.  I half stood and began firing the second Lewis. I saw the gunner slump dead in his cockpit; I don’t know which of us hit him and then the bomber began to bank.  We had played a game of dare and he had blinked first. Before his rear gun could be brought into action our two Lewis guns began to do some damage.  His starboard engine began to smoke and then caught fire. The effect was to swing the aeroplane around even more and the last of our bullets shredded his tail. With only one engine and no tail the bomber spiralled towards the ground. When it struck the explosion told us that there would be no survivors.
    I glanced over my shoulder and saw four bombers heading east. One of them was smoking.  I saw a fifth on the ground close to the airfield and armed me n from the squadron’s defence force were racing towards it.
    We landed and, as we did so I saw the devastation caused by the attack.  We had two aeroplanes totally destroyed and another three which were badly damaged. There were shredded tents and bodies littering the whole of the base. I saw Doc Brennan and the medical staff dealing with casualties for the bomb had struck the mechanics’ mess.  The effect of the bomb striking the cookers and ovens through a tent had been horrific and the flying metal which resulted had scythed through men like canister. The damage to the aeroplanes was bad but machines could be repaired.  The dead men were harder to replace.
    Ted came over to me.  “Well done, Bill.  That was a good hit.”
    “Who got the other one?”
    “Billy Campbell. Gordy and I went for the same aeroplane and it is damaged but she’ll get home.”
    The major stormed over to us.  “Who gave you permission to take off?”
    I was stunned, “No-one sir.” I pointed at the destroyed and damaged aeroplanes.  “I didn’t want my bus to end up like that.”
    “Next time wait for the command.”
    I know that I should have bit back my retort but I was angry.  “And when will that come sir?  In time to save us or in time to bury us?”
    “That is insubordination! I could have you put on a charge for that!”
    I had had enough of this martinet.  He seemed hidebound by rules and regulations regardless of the result. I stared down at him.  “Then do so, sir, or better still have me court martialed.  I would love to give my account of the events to a court martial board and see what they say. The last time I spoke with General Henderson he seemed quite keen for us to shoot down German aeroplanes.”
    I really thought I had gone too far.  His fa ced reddened and he glared at me.  Then he turned smartly on his heel and strode off.
    Ted shook his head as Gordy joined us. “That was a mistake, Bill.  He will make you pay for that.”
    “What just happened?”
    Ted explained to Gordy who shook his head. “If the old man doesn’t get back here soon he will not have a command to return to.”

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