2 Lady Luck Runs Out

2 Lady Luck Runs Out by Shannon Esposito Read Free Book Online

Book: 2 Lady Luck Runs Out by Shannon Esposito Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shannon Esposito
Tags: Chick lit, Paranormal, Mystery, Pets, Animals, female sleuth, Florida
anyway? It's pretty obvious you two are crazy about each other. Why isn't he your boyfriend?"
    "It's complicated." I watched an elderly couple shuffle by, hand in hand, wearing matching Dali museum t-shirts. Could that be me and Will some day? I flushed at the thought.
    Mallory stared at me expectantly.
    "Okay, because I can't let myself get that close to him until..." My eyes welled up. Heavens, was I more upset about this than I would admit to myself? "Until I can tell him the truth and not hide secrets from him."
    "So don't hide secrets from him." She leaned on her elbows and tilted her head. "You have something in your eye?"
    I picked up a napkin and pressed it into the corners of my eyes, ignoring her. "It's not that simple. He's so closed minded, Mal. I've had dreams about telling him. Nightmares, really. He leaves me, disgusted. So, I just can't bring myself to do it, knowing it will be over between us."
    "Oh, so you can read people's minds now?" She frowned at me and sighed. "Besides, Grandma Winters says if someone can't love you, warts and all, they don't deserve you."
    My turn to sigh. "I know, but I'm hiding some pretty big warts." I really wouldn't blame him for leaving me. That was the problem. I didn't believe I deserved him, not if I couldn't be honest with him.
    Mallory sat back in her chair with a frustrated thump. "This place does sort of have its own kind of magic," she said, her voice softening. "I guess I can see why you like it here." Then her mouth curved into a smile. "And why you like him." She nodded behind me.
    I turned and caught sight of Will approaching through the crowd. I didn't know if I'd ever stop getting that little flutter in my stomach every time I saw him. His six-four frame looked especially yummy tonight clad in a pair of dark jeans and white linen shirt. I stood to greet him. When he kissed my cheek, I closed my eyes and breathed in his signature scent of fresh rain and coconut. "Hi."
    "Hello, Gorgeous." He took the seat to my left, letting his hand linger on my back. "Evening." He smiled at Mallory. "So, how are you enjoying St. Pete so far?"
    Mallory twisted a tendril of red hair around her finger. "Well, besides my sister making me slave away in her pet boutique, it's been fun."
    "Nice, Mal." I rolled my eyes. The waitress brought our drinks and Will ordered a Guinness. "Don't let her fool you. We spent the day lounging on the beach. After I delivered my first pet birthday cake, that is."
    "Ah, a day at the beach? That's why you two look so radiant. Well, congratulations on the cake," Will said, smiling at me. "Though, I can't imagine having a birthday cake for a pet. Do people seriously do that?"
    Radiant? Yeah. We don't get sunburned or waterlogged; we get powered up like batteries. "It's not so strange. Pets give so much love and companionship to their owners; they just want to give something back. Besides, I think around here it's just another reason to throw a party. Oh, before I forget, Sylvia said Landon's having a Halloween party next Saturday night. Everyone's going to dress up. Can you make it?"
    Will's mouth twisted to the side. "A few weeks early, isn't it?"
    "Yeah, well, Sylvia says he knows there's going to be other events and parties on the actual Halloween weekend, so he wanted to do it early."
    "Well, you'll have to brave this one without me, I'm afraid. Work calls." He slid his hand on top of mine and squeezed apologetically. "Sorry."
    I felt a stab of disappointment but I forced it away and concentrated on enjoying the time I did have with Will. With his job, I had to be flexible.
    "Who's Landon?" Mallory asked trying to sneak a sip of my wine.
    I shooed her hand away. "Landon Stark. He's a magician and Sylvia's boyfriend," I said.
    "Like, a real magician?" Mallory smirked at me. I kicked her under the table. "What?" she frowned. "Just asking."
     Yeah, I knew what she was asking. Our mother had been seventeen when she snuck out to a magic show with her friends.

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