7 Days of Seduction

7 Days of Seduction by Jenna Jaxon Read Free Book Online

Book: 7 Days of Seduction by Jenna Jaxon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenna Jaxon
trying not to explode.
    "Hunter." Her plea came out a cross between moan and hiss. "I'm going to come without you if you keep this up."
    "No, you won't. You want to wait for the big finale." He withdrew his thumb, trailed it up to her asshole and circled that, spreading her juices there.
    Every muscle in her body clenched; passion drained away as though he had pulled a plug. "No, Hunter, stop. I don't want you to do that." She kept her voice down, but tried to rise off the desktop.
    "Shh." He rested his free hand—the other continued to circle her anus—on her back and circled in counterpoint to the other, pushing her back onto the wood. "I won't fuck you in the butt until you ask me to."
    She relaxed. One tension released allowed another to build. The light touch on her asshole made her pussy throb, wanting more.
    "You have to trust me, Ash. I won't ever harm you."
    Hunter's soothing tone, coupled with the slow massage of this thumb, allowed her to unclench her muscles and he moved her legs apart. He shifted her wisp of a thong and slid his dick all the way home in one sharp thrust. Ash rocked forward then pushed back, her pussy frantic for more. He groaned above her and began to pound out an equally frantic rhythm.
    Their position couldn't be called comfortable with the edge of the desk wedged against her thighs, and the force of his slamming cock hovered between pleasure and pain, but the orgasm building promised an explosion of Fourth of July proportions. He circled her asshole with his thumb— nearly as effective as rubbing her clit. And if he pushed in a little bit, like he had in the shower…She wiggled her ass in anticipation.
    His satisfied chuckle sounded loudly in the room filled only with the slap of his balls on her thighs and the creak of the desk. He pressed his thumb inward on his next stroke, which he slowed so digit and dick kept pace. The slide outward, just as slow, pushed her to the brink. One more would topple her headlong into an orgasm she'd feel for days to come.
    The doorknob rattled.
    Ashley's stomach dropped and breath hung suspended mid-inhale. She snapped her head to the right, her gaze pinpointed on the dull brass knob.
    Hunter stilled, dick still embedded, thumb resting lightly on her.
    Her face must have drained of color because her whole head felt numb. She was going to be ruined royally. How fast could she slink out of town?
    The knob rattled again.
    "It's locked."
    Ashley flinched. His whisper sounded like a canon in her ear. When had he leaned over her? A flicker of calm stole through her as she willed whoever stood on the other side of that door to go the fuck away now. After a moment, footsteps on the corridor tiles receded and Ash slumped, too weak to brace herself. Hunter ran his hands over her ass and nuzzled her neck.
    "Adventure's completed, I think." His deep voice held more than a hint of amusement. "Let's finish the other with a bang." Amazingly, his dick had remained rock solid.
    She just wanted to slide under her desk for the rest of the day. Maybe by five she'd stop shaking. At least her mind told her that. Her body, however, was being uncooperative. The adrenaline rush had given way to a need to feel Hunter fill her again and again. To complete more than just the adventure.
    He nudged deeper inside her and her body sang, from toes to fingernails. Passion re-ignited as she whimpered and stretched out across the desk. His thumb returned to its resting place and slid inside.
    "Yes, God, yes." She burned anew as he resumed his dual penetration, thumb and cock. Her belly tightened, legs staggered to hold her up, and she bit down on her wrist to keep from screaming his name as he rocked her to the edge of oblivion.
    "Let go, Ash." He slammed hard into her pussy, thumb pistoning in her ass with fast, hard strokes.
    Every cell exploded as her butt and pussy came together in deep, drenching pleasure. Her body stiffened with the shock of the all-consuming orgasm, then

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