7 Love Bites

7 Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber Read Free Book Online

Book: 7 Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellen Schreiber
distaste and happily traded lunches with me. �Does Alexander know Sebastian gave you flowers?� Matt asked skeptically. �No, he doesn�t,� I said. �Are you going to tell him?� �Uh�I guess.� �I think it�s important to be honest in a relationship,� Matt said. �Becky and I always tell each other everything. No secrets.� Becky hid her face in her hands. �Matt, there�s something you should know�� �Did I tell you Sebastian won�t be in town much longer?� I suddenly asked. �He�s just passing through. So surely we can talk about something else.� Becky paused. �Yes,� she agreed. �Let�s talk about�� �That�s a shame,� Matt said. �I would like to meet Alexander�s best friend. I imagine he�s pretty cool. What�s he into?� He�s into Becky, I wanted to say. �Gaming,� Becky said. �He looks like a modern-day pirate,� she said, half dreaming. �All he is missing is an eye patch and a pegleg.� �Maybe I should be the one worried about him honing in on my girlfriend.� Matt gave her a bear hug as she blushed. �How about the five of us hang out tomorrow?� he continued. �The team is going to Hooligans and you guys can come, too.� Hooligans was a grown-up version of Chuck E. Cheese�without the oversized rat. I�d gone there on a few occasions when Billy was still being called Nerd Boy. My little brother loved the video games and I loved a night out. I wasn�t sure if Hooligans was going to be Alexander and Sebastian�s idea of fun, but I was more concerned with Becky being in the magnetic vampire�s presence again. �I�d rather spend time with just us,� Becky said. �I haven�t seen you�� �Yeah�the guys have been keeping late nights,� I said truthfully. �They might want a night off. And more important, who wants to see Trevor?� �It�s a big place. You won�t even run into him,� Matt said encouragingly. �Besides, if Sebastian is leaving, when will you get a chance to see him again?� Matt asked, excited by his idea. �I was hoping not anytime soon,� Becky whispered to me. �Awesome,� Matt declared. �We�ll meet this week. But I�m warning you, Raven, if you open your locker this afternoon and find a ring, then I�m telling Alexander.� As soon as the sun set, I hopped on my bike and motored toward the Mansion. It was imperative I get to Alexander posthaste, and this time I wasn�t going to let anyone stand in my way�not even a handsome soccer snob. I was fortunate that all I had to dodge were a few cars and a woman walking her poodle. I pounded on the door until Jameson politely let me in. I paced on the squeaky parlor floorboards for what seemed like an hour until Alexander finally entered the room. Alexander was dreamy, standing in the doorway, his long black hair tousled and slightly damp from his shower. �You have to talk to him�,� I exclaimed. �I have to talk to him.��What? Talk to who?� he asked. �Sebastian,� I said, racing over to him. I was so harried, the note card fell out of my hoodie pocket and onto the floor. Alexander picked it up before I could place my boot over it. ��Until we meet again�Sebastian�?� he read aloud. Alexander�s dark eyes turned angry red. �What is my best friend doing giving you cards?� he asked, his brow furrowing. �It wasn�t a card, Alexander. It was flowers.� Alexander looked shocked, then angry. He couldn�t hide a feeling of betrayal as his expression tightened. �Sebastian!� he began to call. I grasped his arm. �They weren�t for me.� �Then who were they for?� he asked skeptically. �Becky. He texted her all night and then had roses waiting for her in her locker.� Alexander was only partially relieved. Now he was confused. �Why would he do that?� he asked softly. �You heard him last night. He said he loved her�.� �I know, but I didn�t think he meant it. Besides, he�s copying my moves. Leaving

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