A Baumgartner Christmas

A Baumgartner Christmas by Selena Kitt Read Free Book Online

Book: A Baumgartner Christmas by Selena Kitt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Selena Kitt
Tags: Erótica, Sex, menage, excessica
    “Are you suuuuure you don’t want
to get a tattoo?” Wilson nudged her as he pulled out his wallet to pay for his
new body art. “Last chance. You could get a lower back tattoo. Doc would love
    “Nope.” Carrie shook her head,
adamant. “Not me. If they could do it without needles, I’d be all in, but I’m
not into that pain thing.”
    “You can do a temporary, see what
it looks like. Just try it out.” Brad reached under the counter, pulling out a
stack of temporary tattoos. “Look through, see if you find anything you like.”
    Carrie frowned, pawing through
them. “How do they go on?”
    “Just warm water and a
washcloth,” Wilson reassured her.
    “No needles,” Brad agreed. “That
one would look hot on your lower back.”
    It was a Celtic knot design,
twisty and winding and sexy. She imagined Doc’s reaction when she showed it to
him—pretending, of course, that it was real, that she’d been brave enough to go
through with it. It would be a fantastic joke.
    “Okay, I’ll do it. How much?”
    “For you?” Brad glanced at Wilson
and smirked. “Free. Come here.”
    Brad came around behind the
counter and led her to the back, Wilson following behind. He wet a washcloth
with hot water, instructing Carrie to lie down on what looked like a massage
    “Undo your pants,” he instructed.
    She looked back at him,
    “You want it on your lower back,
    Wilson grinned, watching as
Carrie undid her jeans, inching them down her hips so they could both see the
black triangle of the thong she was wearing.
    “Perfect.” Brad pressed the
temporary tattoo to her back, applying the warm washcloth, which actually felt
really good. “Now just hold still for a few minutes.”
    “How long before it wears off?”
She twisted, trying to see, but it was no use.
    “A few days.” Brad lifted the
edge to check it. “If you want it to come off before then, just rub it down
with baby oil or vegetable oil.”
    “Oh man, Doc is going to have a
fabulous time doing that,” Wilson muttered, his gaze never leaving her ass.
    Carrie laughed, blushing, asking
him, “How does it look?”
    “Sexy as hell.”
    Brad nodded, agreeing. “Tattoos
like you.”
    “Can I see?” She rolled to her
side, going over to the full length mirror hanging on the wall and turning so
her back was to it. Her jeans were still undone, open in front, revealing the
black lace top of her panties, but she was focused on her back where the tattoo
had transformed her skin with black swirls, the pattern drawing the eye toward
both dimples on each side of her ass. It was far sexier than she had imagined,
and when she looked up at Brad and Wilson and saw identical looks of restrained
hunger on their faces, she knew Doc would love it.
    Brad cleared his throat. “Like
    “Love it!” She pulled her jeans
all the way up, buttoning and zipping. “Thank you so much!”
    “No problem.” Brad led them to
the front of the shop. “Come back when you want a real one.”
    She smiled, waving as they pulled
on their coats and pushed open the door. “Maybe I will.”
    Wilson’s Camaro got them back to
her apartment in record time.
    “Do you still want to order
dinner?” she offered, her hand on the car door handle.
    “Do you want to?” Wilson
shrugged, rubbing at his goatee. “I don’t want to impose. This was supposed to
be a threesome sort of thing.”
    His words hung there, the
suggestion in them palpable.
    “Come on.” Carrie reached over
and turned the key in the ignition to shut off the engine, sliding it out and
putting them in his pocket. “It will be fun. Mexican food and reruns of I
Love Lucy. What’s better than that?”
    “Can’t think of much.” Wilson
followed her into the apartment.
    As promised, the little Mexican
place around the corner delivered hot tamales and quesadillas in under an hour.
Wilson ate four burritos while Carrie ate only half her quesadilla, putting the
tamales away for

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