A Curvy Christmas

A Curvy Christmas by Harmony Raines Read Free Book Online

Book: A Curvy Christmas by Harmony Raines Read Free Book Online
Authors: Harmony Raines
Tags: General Fiction
thought he had given in, he instead pulled back out of her, before beginning the same slow torture gain.
    She pressed herself down onto him, but he only pulled back when she tried to take control. He was teaching her a lesson, he was no walk over, he had control over her in this moment, and he wanted her to lie back and accept that.
    Frustrated, she did just that. Stroking his body with her hands while he took her, at his own speed. “Better,” he said. “I don’t want to rush a minute of this Robin. I’ve waited long enough.”
    “Are you trying to tame me, Greg?”
    “Oh no, Robin, I like you wild and untameable. But a man does like to be in control sometimes.”
    She pushed herself up on her elbows. to kiss his lips, and then his neck, nuzzling him, nipping his skin. “Next time I’m going to drive you insane in the same way you’re driving me insane now.”
    “I look forward to it, but don’t believe that you aren’t already driving me insane, but if I give into it I’ll come too quick, That little show you put on earlier has left me hanging on by a thread, and I want our first time together to be special, memorable.”
    She kissed the side of his mouth, and said, “It already is Greg.”
    He groaned against her, and then surged forward, filling her completely. She gasped against him, and then he thrust forward again, his chest rubbing against her breasts. Impaling her on his cock, he took her hard and fast, her orgasm shimmering in front of her eyes. All her pent up frustration needed a release, and he was about to push her over the edge.
    His mouth covered her breasts, he sucked hard, and her inner muscles clamped around him, already pulsing and throbbing in their climax. With a strangled cry he gave in, and let himself go, jerking hard and fast into her. His hand went under her bottom and he held her tight against him while he rammed into her over and over, her nails digging into his back as she clung to him. He was all that was left in this world that was solid as colours danced before her eyes.
    What had she missed? All these wasted years. If she had chosen him before Carl he could have been making love to her like this. However, she realised if she had chosen him that fateful night, they would not be lying here now. She would have pushed him aside, the girl she was then hadn't been ready for love. In all her journeys, all her different incarnations, she had learned that sometimes things happen for a reason.
    In that one moment of bliss with Greg, she forgave her past self, and knew she was ready for whatever the future had to throw at her.

Chapter Eight - Greg
    There are not many things in life that turn out better than you could ever have wished for, but making love to Robin ranked as one of them for Greg. He arched his back and impaled her on his cock, his seed filling the condom until he thought it would burst. All the pent up frustration that had lived inside him for the past few months since meeting up with Robin again had suddenly been freed. He felt lighter than he had for years, he felt right. There was no other way to explain the feeling that settle on him as he finished.
    Slumping forward, utterly spent, he summoned the last of his energy to stroke her skin and kiss her shoulder, wanting her to feel loved and cherished. There was no going back from this, their relationship had moved on to a place neither of them had been before. Or so he hoped.
    For all he knew this was the beginning of the end of their relationship.
    However, when she curled up in his arms, he couldn’t believe that was the case. She had feelings for him, he only hoped the were the kind that lasted for years, not months. From what he gathered she went through men quickly, moving on to the next one every so many months.
    Should he guard his heart, or dive in head first and risk everything on the strong feelings he had for her?
    “How do you feel?” he asked, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”
    “No. It was good. Really

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