A Greater Love

A Greater Love by Rachel Ann Nunes Read Free Book Online

Book: A Greater Love by Rachel Ann Nunes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel Ann Nunes
Tags: Romance, Orphans, Christian, Christmas, lds, clean romance, This Time Forever, ariana
knew. Maybe if you saw that she and her child, Manuel’s child, were happy, you could be happy too.”
    “What makes you think I’m not happy?”
    “Your eyes,” she said softly. “They’re always so sad. Especially lately.”
    He forced a smile. “That’s the sensitive part of me. Aren’t you feminists always talking about finding a sensitive man? Well, here I am.” He leaned over and kissed her. “Now are you going to tell me why you went to all this trouble tonight? It’s not either of our birthdays or our anniversary.”
    She grinned wickedly. “I had you worried, didn’t I? Well, it’s none of those. It’s because I love you, that’s all.”
    Daniel sensed a holding back within her. There’d been a reason for this elaborate dinner, but whatever it had been, his talk of Manuel and his gypsy wife had spoiled it. He had to admit that he was grateful she wouldn’t be springing any surprises upon him. The dark tunnel he was in already seemed to have no end.
    Dinner went well, and that night they shared the most romantic evening since their honeymoon days. Thoughts of Manuel fled from Daniel’s mind. In his wife’s arms, for those few moments, the darkness in his soul was gone too.
    The next morning, Cristina wasn’t feeling well. For one instant, suspicion clouded Daniel’s mind. “You’re taking your pills, aren’t you?”
    She stared at him a full ten seconds before replying, “Would it be so bad if I didn’t?” Her voice was carefully devoid of emotion.
    “You know how I feel about having a child. Now, did you take them?”
    “Of course. Don’t worry about it.” She stalked from the bedroom and didn’t talk to him until they both left for work.
    At the door to their apartment, she hesitated. “Goodbye.” The word was curt, her face stiff.
    “You know I love you, don’t you?” Daniel asked.
    Her smile returned, though a ghost of its usual brilliance. “More than Manuel’s gypsy girl?”
    He gave a short laugh. How was it she could always make him happy, even at times as tense as these? “Much more than the most beautiful gypsy girl,” he said. “Much, much more.”

    Chapter Five
    Miguel walked through the older section of Lisbon, the part that had not been destroyed by the earthquake long ago. The roads were narrow and the buildings ancient—white painted cement over red brick with terra-cotta rooftops. Finally, he arrived at the small store, his feet aching from another long day.
    He made his way directly to the milk. Rows of small half-liter cartons sat on an unrefrigerated shelf. Milk irradiated and packaged like this could last weeks or more without spoiling.
    The coins in his hands clinked softly. He sensed someone behind him and glanced over his shoulder. A young woman with brown hair and soft eyes stood next to the rows of canned goods. She wore green corduroy under a fur-lined coat, and her feet nestled in warm-looking boots. A small boy stood next to her.
    Miguel couldn’t have planned it better.
    “Oh, I wish I could buy Sara some milk,” he said, loud enough for her to hear. “But I just ain’t got enough money. Granny ain’t gettin’ no better, and maybe she never will.” He put on his saddest expression and fingered a carton longingly with a dirt-caked finger. He peeked at the woman and found her listening. “I wish Mamãe didn’t go to live with them angels.”
    He looked up, appearing to notice the woman for the first time. He ducked his head timidly. “Excuse me, Senhora. Did you want some milk? I’m gettin’ outta your way. Tell me, though. How much do I need to buy milk?” He held out a hand with a coin worth twenty escudos. “Is this enough? You think I’ll get back some change?” He hoped he still looked young enough for the ruse to work. Truth was, he understood money as well as the streets he walked each day, and had since he was younger than Sara.
    “Uh, no.” The woman hesitated, staring briefly at her own

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