A Mighty Quinn Seduction (The Mighty Quinns)

A Mighty Quinn Seduction (The Mighty Quinns) by Kate Hoffmann Read Free Book Online

Book: A Mighty Quinn Seduction (The Mighty Quinns) by Kate Hoffmann Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Hoffmann
she’d ever had about men melt away. This was so perfect and so right and for the first time in her life, Claire allowed herself to feel it completely.
    Ian smoothed his hands over her hips and when she began to move, he controlled her pace, slowing her when he came close to the edge, then urging her on when he needed more. Her body responded to each and every stroke, her own release coming closer and closer. And when she was just a heartbeat away, he flipped her onto her back and drove into her, the new sensation sending her into a riot of spasms.
    Claire’s fingers dug into his broad shoulders as he weathered her orgasm. But then, it was too much and he joined her, his body arching against hers before his inevitable release.
    When they were both completely spent, the last ounce of pleasure washing over them, Ian curled up beside her and threw his leg over her thighs. “That was lovely,” he murmured, pressing his lips to the curve of her shoulder.
    “Yes. Well done.”
    “Yeah?” He pushed up on his elbow. “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better are you?”
    “No. You were quite good. In fact, brilliant. Yes, I’d have to say you were...more than brilliant.”
    “That’s good to know. I’ve never have a woman tell me that?”
    He nodded. “I’ve never been able to talk the way we talk. It never seemed entirely proper.”
    “And now?”
    “And now it’s the most natural thing in the world.”
    “I guess I’m loosening you up then.”
    “Well done, you,” Ian said. With a low growl, he pulled her body beneath his and kissed her. Claire stretched her arms over her head and smiled. This had all gone exceedingly well. In truth, better than she’d ever imagined. And she’d realized that the feelings coursing through her were nothing to be feared. She could want him, and maybe even love him, and still be the woman she’d always been.

    C LAIRE STOOD IN the kitchen of her flat, dressed only in Ian’s discarded dress shirt. Ian watched her from his perch on the counter as she fried eggs in a pan on the cooker. He was wrapped in a faded quilt he’d dragged from her bed, naked beneath.
    He didn’t feel the least bit inhibited or uncomfortable in her presence and they’d spent most of the weekend wandering half-naked between the kitchen and the her bedroom. Ian wondered what he’d done with his spare time before he met Claire. Making love to her seemed to be the only crucial task in his life these days.
    “I have to go to London for a few days,” Ian said when she handed him a plate of eggs. “Actually, I was going to take the ferry over on Friday night.”
    “Whatever am I going to without you?” Claire said, a smile curling her lips. She ran her hand along his leg, slipping it beneath the blanket in a tantalizing caress.
    “Well, I don’t think you’ll need to wonder because I thought you might like to come with me. Can you get a few days off from work?”
    Claire shook her head. “Not now. We don’t have another holiday until Christmas. And I just bunked when I took that day in Dublin.”
    “Then we’ll make it a weekend trip,” he said. “We’ll come back on Sunday night.”
    Ian could see that the option was tempting. “What would we do?”
    “My parents are celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary with a party and they’ve requested my presence. I thought you might be my date? You know, make the evening more tolerable.”
    “You want to introduce me to your parents?” Claire asked. She shifted uneasily, clearly unenthusiastic about the request. “I really think it’s a little—”
    Ian reached out and pressed his finger to her lips. “Don’t let it worry you. It was just an idea I had.”
    “But I would like to come. I will come with you. And I’ll find something interesting to do while you attend the party. There are libraries and museums. Would that be all right?”
    He smiled. “Yes, that would be agreeable.”

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