A Most Shocking Revelation

A Most Shocking Revelation by Kristi Gold Read Free Book Online

Book: A Most Shocking Revelation by Kristi Gold Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristi Gold
coffee and slicing pie. He liked watching her in action. He’d like to watch her in action under different circumstances. Tonight, when he had her alone again, he planned to kiss her soundly, provided she let him do that. Maybe if he played his cards right, she might be willing to play along. It was sure worth a try.
    â€œAre you still with us, Sheriff?”
    Gavin snapped out of his waitress-watching to realize Jake had been speaking to him. “Yeah, I’m still here.”
    â€œBut your mind’s on that cute little blonde behind the counter,” Logan said, followed by a laugh.
    That cute little blonde was heading in their direction, two cupsof coffee balanced in one hand, a piece of pie in the other. “Here you go, gentlemen,” she said as she slid the fare in front of Jake and Logan.
    â€œCan I get my coffee now, Val?” Gavin asked when she didn’t offer him a cup.
    â€œI don’t know, can you?” she asked.
    â€œMay I have it, darlin’?” He topped off the comment with a wink.
    She tried her best to look put out, but Gavin noted a smile trying to creep in. Score a point for the sheriff. “I suppose so,” she said. “But you’ll have to wait until the fresh pot finishes brewing.”
    â€œSome things are worth the wait.”
    Without responding, Val spun around and walked away.
    â€œWhen are you going to give up, O’Neal?” Logan asked.
    â€œThat one’s never going to come around, I don’t care how hard you work on her.”
    â€œBelieve it or not, she’s living with me.” Gavin waited for their shock to subside before he added, “At least for the time being.”
    Logan eyed him suspiciously. “How did you manage that?”
    â€œShe was staying in Harvey Joe Raleigh’s rental. She had a run-in with him last night over the sorry conditions. She didn’t have a place to go, so I offered my guest room.”
    â€œAnd she agreed—” Jake snapped his fingers “—just like that?”
    Gavin could leave it at that or he could tell the truth. The truth might work best in case Val should decide to tell the accurate version. “Actually she went after Harvey Joe with a mop and he threatened assault charges. So I told her she could either come home with me or she could go to jail.”
    Logan barked out a laugh. “That’s great, O’Neal. If you can’t charm her, then hold her captive in your house. Good plan, even if it does border on coercion.”
    â€œI look at it as a little gentle persuasion.” Gavin intended to try a lot of that in the next few days, before she left.
    Logan regarded Jake. “I give him until the end of the weekend.”
    â€œEnd of tomorrow,” Jake said.
    Logan held out his hand. “It’s a bet.”
    Gavin knew exactly where this was heading but he chose toplay ignorant. “What’s this bet all about and what does it have to do with me?”
    â€œYou know damn well what we’re talking about, O’Neal,” Jake said. “We’re betting you have her in your bed real soon.”
    If only he had their confidence. Gavin wasn’t sure he’d even get to first base anytime soon. “If you say so.”
    â€œWe know so,” Logan said before studying Gavin for a long moment, his expression suddenly serious. “Out of curiosity, what do you know about her, Gavin?”
    Enough to know that he liked her a helluva lot. “Not much because she’s fairly guarded. But I figure she’ll eventually open up.” When Gavin noticed Logan and Jake exchanging another look, the light suddenly came on. “You’re not thinking she’s involved in Durmorr’s murder, are you?”
    â€œShe is blond,” Jake said. “And since she attacked Harvey Joe, she might be capable of murder.”
    â€œShe’s been fairly mysterious,” Logan added. “Maybe she’s a

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