A Somers Dream

A Somers Dream by Patricia Isabel Read Free Book Online

Book: A Somers Dream by Patricia Isabel Read Free Book Online
Authors: Patricia Isabel
his mind and his control. Her beautiful derriere seemed to say ‘Come and get me’ but he fought the urge to reach out and grab it. As she stepped out of her pants, she turned around to face him with her hands covering her breasts…again! “ Oh my god, she’s trying to kill me ”, he thought as he watched her sidle closer and closer to him. Gyrating and swaying her hips, tantalizing him with each move she made, teasing him with tiny glimpses here and there of her naked breasts, flashing a bit of her hardened nipples before covering them up. Turning her back to him, again, Penny adjusted herself so she could hold her breasts covered with one hand. She was truly enjoying this. As she turned to face Shane, she took her free hand and slowly moved it down her body, lingering on her naval. Shane watched that hand with such intent; he thought he would pop a blood vessel. Watching her slowly move her hand downward was such an erotic move he was going insane, he knew he groaned when he saw her slip her hand over her panties and began to touch herself. Oh he was going to lose it, he knew he was, if he didn’t have her right there and then. Shane made a move to get up but Penny shook her head. She wasn’t finished just yet, there was more and he was going to see it all. Shane reluctantly sat back down and watched as the most beautiful woman began to masturbate in front of him. It was the most erotic thing he had ever witnessed in his life. There she was, now lying on the floor with her panties down to her knees, kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples to make them harder and slipping her finger inside that tight, hot, wet pussy. All Shane could do was watch and be entranced at the sight he was more than happy to see. Once she was close to climaxing, she took her wet finger and stuck it in her mouth, making small sucking noises with it until finally she crooked her finger indicating him to come and join her. Shane practically flew off the bed and knelt down beside her, touching her body and kissing her, while trying to remove his own clothing. He was hot and hard and aching and he knew there was only one person who can satisfy his need and she was lying there, naked and open before him like a buffet waiting to be engulfed. If he was going to die right there, at least he would die a very happy man and with that thought, he leaned over Penny and began to make love to her all night long.
    As morning crept in, Penny laid in Shane’s arms enjoying the warmth he emitted. Last night was a success if Shane gave her the right indication. After he joined her on the floor, she joined him on the chair, then on the dresser, then in the shower and, finally, in bed. It had been one hell of a night and one she is certain she won’t be forgetting any time soon. “Good morning, beautiful” he said as he kissed her on the forehead. “Good morning”, she replied and kissed him on his chest. Shane gave out a small groan and tightened his hold around her. Penny giggled and tapped him on the chest, “No more, you wore me out” and she meant it. Penny was sore in places she didn’t think were possible but they were good sores, ones she wouldn’t trade in. Shane chuckled and rubbed her back “I wore you out?! Guess you didn’t notice the way I was walking to bed last night after the shower, did you. Feels like I just got off a hundred mile trek on a horse” Penny laughed, she remembered the way Shane was wobbling last night, it was just too funny. “You were a trooper though. You just kept right on going” she said as she continued to laugh. “Had to keep up. Didn’t want you thinking I wasn’t up to the task of pleasing you when you wanted it. How rude would that be?” All Shane wanted then was a bag of ice or frozen peas, yea, those would be better. It conforms unlike cubes of ice. Now that he had time to rest, he laughed as well at the memory, it sure was a sight to see, not that he would want to see it again. Penny got her

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