A Treat for the Teacher (Lessons in Lust #3)

A Treat for the Teacher (Lessons in Lust #3) by Jodie Jacobs Read Free Book Online

Book: A Treat for the Teacher (Lessons in Lust #3) by Jodie Jacobs Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jodie Jacobs
    Wednesdays had officially become my worst day. No Math. While this meant I didn’t have to control my hard-on during Miss J’s lesson, it meant that every time I stepped into the corridor, I found myself searching for a glimpse of her.
    I had it bad.
    We’d agreed to meet that night. Thank God. So I hardly had long to wait—just a few hours in fact before I could take her again. This time we were heading somewhere different. While we were more than content in the library, that night there was some sort of meeting being held there for parents or something. That meant we had to find an alternative safe place, one which was comfortable and where I could bring along the special treats I had in store for her.
    We were meeting down at the dock, a little after 9 PM. I went on a mission that morning, prior to school, to find the keys to my dad’s twenty-foot half-cabin boat. He was working away from home, so there was no way he’d find out. It was a perfect alternative to the library.
    While the boat was far from massive, it was kept down at the bayside, so it would be quick and easy to get into the water. Plus, it was just big enough to stretch out while giving us the seclusion we needed.
    When I’d suggested it the previous night after we’d said goodbye to Mac, Miss J’s eyes lit up at the possibility and seemed impressed with the idea. My family was far from rich, but my parents worked hard, so we did okay. The half-cabin was my dad’s pride and joy. I’d driven it out a few times, with his permission, so I knew how to handle it; the last time was my eighteenth birthday when some friends and I had gone out for the day fishing and swimming. Obviously, if he discovered I’d been out while he was away, he kicked my ass. Although, I was confident, especially over my stealth of the last two days, that I’d be able to make sure he remained clueless.
    During lunch, I actually sat with the guys, talking shit about a party at the weekend. They were grilling each other about who they planned to screw and who would be bringing beer. At that point, I was undecided if I’d show. It all depended on Miss J. The guys would be pissed, but I figured I had four years in college to make up for missed parties and sex with girls. Hopefully until it was time to leave high school, which was fast approaching, I would be able to keep burying myself in Miss J and all she had to offer.
    I left the guys to head out to the library before class, a place I’d rarely visited prior to the last couple of nights of fucking. I had no reason to go, needed nothing, but the urge to head over there prior to class, to be closer to my memories was too much of a draw to ignore. As soon as I entered the quiet building, my eyes drifted to the balcony and the sofa. A smile played on my lips when I was hit with the taste of Miss J on my tongue, the feel of her riding my cock and the sensation of pounding into her.
    I headed up the stairs and to the sofa, sitting down and pulling out my phone. Checking the time—I had another fifteen minutes to waste before last period—I leaned my head against the back of the sofa, the sun streaming from the window hitting my face. A shadow crossing over me a short while after had me opening my eyes.
    He sat down beside me without a word, his leg touching mine. A current of electricity ran through me at the contact, the image of the three of us the previous night together fucking at the forefront of my mind. I gulped back the desire to reach out and make contact with him. Our touching legs would need to be enough.
    I glanced over at him. A book was open in his hands and he appeared to be studying it intently. His jaw was clenched, straining almost, no doubt feeling this thing between us. I still had no idea how I felt about that exactly. I wasn’t sure if the connection between us was worth exploring, if it was greater than Mac, Miss J and me, or whether it was only work as the three of

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