A Verdict for Love

A Verdict for Love by Monica Conti Read Free Book Online

Book: A Verdict for Love by Monica Conti Read Free Book Online
Authors: Monica Conti
Tags: lesbian romance lesbian fiction lesbian desire
past five and few people were even in the
building any longer.
    She walked with certainty and desire
to stand directly in front of Chiara, who continued sitting in her
chair. Grace moved in very close to her then, pushing her lover’s
knees apart and moving in between them to stand with her breasts
almost touching Chiara’s face.
    Neither of the two women spoke. Their
desire filled the room and they only understood that their bodies
wanted to make love. That is all they knew and all that
    “We can’t…,” Chiara began.
    But Grace put her fingertips softly on
Chiara’s full lips and whispered,
    “Shhhh….It’s okay.”
    She left her two fingers there on
Chiara’s lips and Chiara no longer held any illusion that she would
refuse her. She parted her lips and took Grace’s fingers deep into
her mouth, sucking them erotically and slowly. As she did so,
Grace’s body curved into her. Chiara sucked and licked her fingers
as she ran her hands up to touch Grace’s nubile yet full
    Prodded into action, she stood up then
and pushed Grace against the desk, telling her to remove her
    Grace did not hesitate. She quickly
unbuttoned her white shirt and exposed her tan torso and beautiful
breasts. The shirt fell to the floor. She unbuttoned her skirt and
allowed it to fall also. She stood with her ass pressed against the
desk in a white lace bra, panties and black pumps. Chiara made her
sit on the edge of the desk.
    Chiara went down on her knees in front
of her and removed Grace’s panties. Her hands moved back up the
legs and touched Grace’s inner thighs tenderly. She kissed her
knees and spread the young girl’s legs wide open, wide enough to
fully reveal her wet, open sex.
    Pink, folded and swollen…a sweet
vision…a dream flowering before Chiara’s eyes. She spread the young
woman’s pussy open so she could taste her fully. Like a talented
musician, she began to play the music of desire and lust on her
partner’s wet core. She made the sounds with her tongue and the
pussy responded by singing its own sounds in response. The desire
was building. The climax was near.
    Chiara buried her face in Grace’s cunt
and sucked and tongue-fucked her so beautifully. Anyone would have
been aroused at the sight of her there so elegantly on her knees
with this superb, aroused young woman’s legs spread open, her head
flung back and her chewed lips reddened by desire. Chiara’s
beautiful dark hair was down and covering her face. Her taut body
was unmoving but her tongue was relentless.
    Grace’s hands locked around Chiara’s
head and she rubbed her pussy hard against her tongue and lips.
Suddenly, like a beautiful waterfall, she came so hard, so deep,
that the orgasm pounded her, ran over her body, radiating from her
sex outward. She fell backward on the desk with her thighs still
parted, breathing hard.
    Chiara moved upward and kissed her
tummy, her breasts, and then her lips. She was above her, giving
her the chance to taste her own cum on Chiara’s lips. Grace made
small moaning sounds and licked her dew from the offered
    They remained close to one another,
savoring the satisfaction. At last they moved, realizing that they
had to end it though neither of them wanted to do so. They both did
their best to feel relaxed so they could leave the office to spend
another night apart.
    But neither of them wanted
to do that. Grace had a sort of ‘date’ with Alex, the handsome and
smart graduate student from Emory. She didn’t have any desire to
keep it. They had broken things off a while back but he’d wanted to
take her out to celebrate the success she’d been having at the new
job. She had only reluctantly agreed and
now the very thought of it bored her. She didn’t dare imagine what
he would think if he could know what that success had
    Chiara had made plans for dinner with
several of her friends at a favorite Mexican restaurant but in the
after- glow she was no longer

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