A Witch and Her Man (Jeff and Gail)

A Witch and Her Man (Jeff and Gail) by G.E. Stills Read Free Book Online

Book: A Witch and Her Man (Jeff and Gail) by G.E. Stills Read Free Book Online
Authors: G.E. Stills
just before he made a trail down her neck through the curvature and along her shoulder. Gail shuddered beneath him. With an effort, he separated from their tight encirclement to gaze upon her, to pace his excitement.
    He let his gaze rove over her from head to toe. She had red eyebrows and long, red eyelashes that covered her green eyes; eyes that were closed at the present. She had a button nose with a few tiny freckles on each side and full, luscious lips. Her breasts were just large enough to fill his hand and mouth. Her nipples stuck straight up in arousal. She had a flat stomach and he noticed her sex was shaved bare. Her hips were well defined and led into shapely, toned legs.
    Gail opened her eyes and saw Jeff studying her. She took the opportunity to let her gaze roam over his masculine face. His lips were thin but not overly so. Her fingers twined in the near invisible blond, curly hair between his pectorals. He had a tight body, flat stomach and his arms and legs were muscular, but not muscle bound like a body builder. He was also well endowed but not overly so. Altogether, he looked delicious.
    He froze, motionless, and growled in frustration. "Condom," he whispered in her ear. "I don't have one. We can't do this."
    "No need. I'm a witch. It'll be fine," she whispered back.
    "Are you sure?"
    "I'm sure."
    "What's that supposed to mean? That you're a witch? Can't witches get pregnant?"
    "I'll explain later. We have better things to do right now than talk about that. Please, just trust me. Take me, I'm yours. Make love to me, Jeff. I need you."
    That seemed to satisfy him. His wonderful stimulations resumed.
    Their gazes met, their bodies melded together. When his erection slipped into her heated, slick womanhood, a tiny moan tumbled from her lips. She felt the walls of her vagina stretch to accommodate him. They closed around his cock, providing a wonderful feeling of fullness. A fleeting thought raced through her mind. It's been a long time since I've been with a man. Since Nick, years ago.
    She surrendered to the magical feeling of having Jeff inside her.
    Slowly, she learned his body as he learned hers, establishing a rhythm that built in tempo as her arousal increased to boiling point. Her breath caught in her throat for a moment. A small shiver passed through her along with a warm feeling and then it was gone. Only belatedly, she recognized it for what it was.
    Her small climax left behind a yearning for more, for something deeper, longer and more lasting. Jeff continued his thrusts. Within a few short minutes, another orgasm rode through her, rising deep in her core. His long, slow strokes stirred the embers inside her and stoked those embers into roaring flames. This time, she welcomed the strong wave of pleasure, embracing it just as she did him. Jolts like electrical current surged though her. Each one left her tingling and wanting the next. In far too short a time, the waves ebbed but already she could feel the next one building in her.
    The taste of him, the feel of his skin on hers, the look in his eyes that said, "I want you, I need you," sent her desires soaring. She gave herself completely to him and yet demanded she receive all he had to offer. The pace of their grinding hips increased. She felt him start to swell and then explode.
    With a loud moan instead of the scream she wanted to voice, she surrendered to the pinnacle of joy she had been holding back to release in unison with his climax. Like flashes of lightning, it tore through her. It made her entire body tingle. Her back arched, lifting her from the bed. Ecstasy raced through her. Her heart pounded wildly. No matter how hard she tried to remain floating among the clouds of euphoria, they slipped away from her grasp. Her racing pulse slowed and the prickling of her nerves ebbed. The intense feeling of climax faded leaving her incapable of the tiniest movement. Gail sighed.

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