Abandoned by Becca Jameson Read Free Book Online

Book: Abandoned by Becca Jameson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Becca Jameson
Tags: paranormal romance
odd she would already be sitting there by herself.
    Daniel headed in her direction when she waved. She stood and stepped away from the cabin to meet him. He realized as he approached she was mated and pregnant. Not Allison , then. “Hello.” He held out his hand. “I’m Daniel.”
    She took his offered palm. “Ashley. My mate and I drove here from St. Louis with Allison Watkins.”
    “Ah, right. I forgot you were coming. Kenzie told us about you. How are you feeling?” He glanced at her belly. Newly pregnant shifters always made him feel awkward. They weren’t like humans. Wolves knew when a woman was pregnant, so the stigma of not presuming didn’t exist.
    “Great. Thanks.” She smiled.
    He knew she’d also been kidnapped from The Gathering , and the bits and pieces of her story made him want to vomit, but she looked so healthy and happy he tried to ignore her plight. If she could move on with her life, he needed to get over himself too. After all, twelve women were about to descend on the ranch, all of whom would have horror stories of their own. He needed to be supportive.
    “Why are you out here by yourself?” He noticed the door open behind Ashley.
    “Allison’s napping. I told her I’d sit out here while she slept to give her peace of mind.”
    “Ah. Very nice of you.”
    “She’s pretty shook up. Understandably so.”
    “And your mate? Evan, right? He’s with you?”
    “Yes. He’s in the main house. I assume some of your brothers are there now.”
    “Probably. I’ve been out riding.” He nodded at the house. “I’d better go check in before they send out a search party. It was nice to meet you.”
    “You too.”
    Daniel turned and started to walk away, but after two steps , he froze. He lifted his chin to the air and closed his eyes as he inhaled long and slow. His body went rigid , and he fisted his hands at his sides as he inhaled again.
    Someone behind him gasped. And a tiny voice he hadn’t heard before spoke. “Shit.”
    Daniel spun around.
    Ashley was still there, but her eyes were huge and wide , and her mouth hung open. “Oh,” she muttered. She glanced back and forth between Daniel and the woman who’d approached from behind Ashley.
    His gaze slid to the newcomer. She stood on the tiny porch as rigid as he’d felt, her arms at her sides, her brow furrowed, the sweetest red line running down her pale cheek from sleeping on that side. Gorgeous blonde curls hung down her back, some falling over her shoulders. She was underweight, frail, scared, shaking. Beautiful. And his.
    “Shit,” she repeated under her breath.
    He smiled at her. Ashley stepped to the side several paces and ceased to exist.
    “Unexpected, yes. But surely you can come up with something more enthusiastic than ‘shit’,” he teased.
    Her mouth opened and her eyes widened. “I didn’t realize I’d said that out loud.”
    He nodded. “You did.” He stepped closer, but she backed up a pace into the doorway, so he stopped. “You must be Allison.”
    “I am.” She took a deep breath. And held it. Her eyes fluttered closed on her exhale. “Shit.”
    “You have a rich wealth of vocabulary.” He grinned at her.
    Her eyes popped open again. “I— I’m sorry. I—”
    “No worries. I’m kidding you. It’s shocking. I agree. I’m Daniel Spencer, by the way.”
    Ashley cleared her throat to his side. “I’m going to go back to the main house. I think…” She turned and left without finishing her statement. Daniel didn’t glance her way.
    “This can’t be happening,” Allison said. She fisted her hands together in front of her and squeezed one with the other. She eased forward until she plopped down on the front steps of the cabin.
    Daniel worried she would fall before she sat, but he gritted his teeth and let her lower herself to the step on her own. She wasn’t remotely ready for him to approach.
    She set her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands.
    “It’s not exactly what I had

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