Adam: Braddocks, Book Two

Adam: Braddocks, Book Two by Starla Kaye Read Free Book Online

Book: Adam: Braddocks, Book Two by Starla Kaye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Starla Kaye
sent for a mail–order bride for Ben, too.”
    “Maybe enough women will show up that there will be someone for him, too.” Daniel hesitated. “And you.”
    “If you do not want me to mess up that pretty face of yours…” Adam spun to glare at Daniel. He was damn tired of his brothers pressing him to get married again.
    “Threatening a lawman, are you?” Daniel questioned, but he just grinned and dabbed at a last splotch of shaving cream on his chin. “My Jennie would be greatly upset if you messed up my handsome face. Trust me; you don’t want to get on her bad side.”
    The mention of Jennie reminded him of how angry she’d been with Daniel when she’d found out that he’d sent for a mail–order bride for Caleb. “Has she seen reason by now about what you did? She was mighty upset with you about that whole bride business.”
    Daniel chuckled. “That she was, but she’s settled down. Took some soothing.” He gave a cocky grin. “I had to work hard there at the start, but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. If you know what I mean.”
    Adam rolled his eyes, not really wanting to think about what Daniel meant. Once more, he realized how long he’d been without a woman “to soothe” or to be soothed by. What he should do was close up this shop and head off to California in search of that rascal youngest brother of theirs. But the idea of going so far away right now didn’t really appeal to him. Still, he should go into Dodge for a couple of days, find a nice friendly woman…
    Heavy footsteps moving into the doorway drew his attention. Ben stood there, looking on the weary side.
    “I could use some help for a few minutes.” He glanced back toward the mercantile, his expression testy.
    “Leave it alone, you stubborn women. You’ll just hurt yourselves.”
    “We can do this,” Faith countered, sounding confident and uncertain at the same time. “Don’t bother your brother.”
    “We’re not as helpless as you seem to think,” Angelica protested.
    Ben blew out a breath filled with frustration. He swiped at the sweat beading under his hat brim and then cast his brothers a final disgusted look. “Few satchels of clothing, hell. Her mother sent trunks and more furniture than can possibly fit in that upstairs set of rooms.”
    “Your problem, not mine,” Adam said without moving an inch.
    “Damn but you’re a stubborn sumabitch.” Ben turned his glower toward Daniel. “I suppose you’re refusing to help as well.”
    Daniel stood his ground. “I don’t really want to come between my brothers. Reckon I’ll stay out of this whole moving issue.”
    “Faith, don’t!” Angelica shouted, sounding horrified.
    Adam and Daniel were both already moving even before they heard Faith’s pain–filled cry. As he shoved Ben out of the way and sped out onto the boardwalk, Adam’s heart pounded with dread. It hammered even harder when he spotted Faith lying flat on her back at the end of the buckboard. One end of a good–sized trunk leaned against the wagon and the other end was jammed against her stomach. Her face was white as a sheet.
    Before he could get to her, she tried to shove the battered trunk off her. It only settled more firmly on her, making her moan in pain.
    In a heartbeat Adam and Daniel lifted the heavy weight off of her. Adam’s gaze never left her pale face. “Crazy woman.”
     Ben glowered at Angelica, “Why did you let her try to move that by herself?”
    Angelica snapped right back, “Let her? Faith was moving it before I could stop her.”
    “I’ll go round up Doc,” Daniel interrupted and headed off across the road.
    “No. I’m fine,” Faith protested, sitting up with great effort and a wince. She wrapped an arm around her abdomen. “I just got winded there for a second.”
    Adam knelt beside her, every nerve in his body on edge, pulse racing. When he reached out to brush some dirt from her face, his hands shook. He wanted to run his hands over her. He wanted

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