Against a Perfect Sniper

Against a Perfect Sniper by Shiden Kanzaki Read Free Book Online

Book: Against a Perfect Sniper by Shiden Kanzaki Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shiden Kanzaki
Tags: Fiction, Science-Fiction
when she used all the strength she had as a weak girl.
    Left with no choice, she calmed her breathing and released her power. She could feel her whole body gradually growing warm and felt her five senses physically expanding. She didn’t have a mirror, so she couldn’t see for herself, but she was sure her eyes were red.
    This time, she was able to lift the case easily, and she passed through the gate with her head down so her eyes wouldn’t be seen and walked quickly toward her apartment. All that was left was to get back home. Perhaps because of that self-conceit, she froze when high beams from a car suddenly shone on her from the side.
    “Miss, where are you from? You shouldn’t be out right now. Do you know what time it is? Where do you live?” A door slammed, and someone came out of the car.
    Promptly covering just her face with the palm of her hand and seeing the sirens on top of the car, Tina reported the situation very calmly. “Master, I’m sorry. There has been an unforeseen situation. I have been stopped by the police.”
    Apparently, they thought she was a runaway.
    “Have they seen your face?”
    “Oh, well…” The man seemed to nod on the other end, and then gave her the order coldly and evenly. “Kill them.”
    “This is terrible…” Holding the spoils of the evening limited-time sale war in their reusable bags, Rentaro’s and Enju’s feet stopped. The police car sunk into the concrete wall was in a sorry state —it looked like it had been kicked by Godzilla.
    The sirens were smashed, the hood was crushed, and the exhaust pipe was bent in a strange direction. Outside the cordoned-off area, a large number of onlookers were crowded around, taking pictures with their phones with one hand.
    Rentaro approached one of them hesitatingly and said, “Hey, do you know what in the world happened here…?”
    “Who knows? It looks like they haven’t caught the perpetrator yet. But aren’t the only ones who can do something like this the Red-Eyes?”
    Rentaro ground his teeth in frustration at not being able to refute this presumptive reasoning. It was true that even though it wasn’t strictly speaking
for a human to do this, the probability that it was a human was low enough to ignore.
    “There are no leads, and the officer attacked is still unconscious in critical condition.”
    “Critical condition? He’s not dead?”
    “Hmm? Yeah, what about it?”
    “Nothing…” Rentaro felt bad saying it, but because the car had been so thoroughly destroyed, he had thought that the officer driving it would have left this world, as well. Rentaro gave a quick bow in thanks and returned to Enju.
    Enju had covered her eyes, still holding her shopping bag. Rentaro stopped for a second and approached her slowly. “Enju,” he said quietly, “you’re not the one who did it. It was one of the other Children.”
    Enju gave him a quick, bitter smile but then soon showed him a full smile. “Rentaro, you are too kind. Yes, I am fine now.”
    “All right, let’s go home, then.” On the way home, he and Enju hada rambling conversation as she swung her shopping bags back and forth.
    “And then, you know the new cartoon
Go, Zengar!
that just started…?”
    As Rentaro snuck a peek at the side of Enju’s face, he wondered if he should say it. Should he just mind his own business?
    Rentaro said diffidently, “Enju, don’t worry about it. You weren’t the one who did it.”
    Enju tilted her head and looked at him like she didn’t know what he was talking about. “Hmm? Whatever is the matter, Rentaro?”
    “You weren’t the one who did it.”
    Enju’s gaze wavered, and she seemed flustered. “Wh-what’s the matter, Rentaro? You seem strange.”
    Rentaro put his hands on Enju’s shoulders and turned her toward him, saying each word clearly and distinctly. “I said, you weren’t the one who did that, Enju…”
    Enju made a perplexed face, but then unconsciously, her face

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