Against All Odds - Angel's Story: Against All Odds (Destiny Series Book 4)

Against All Odds - Angel's Story: Against All Odds (Destiny Series Book 4) by J L Perry Read Free Book Online

Book: Against All Odds - Angel's Story: Against All Odds (Destiny Series Book 4) by J L Perry Read Free Book Online
Authors: J L Perry
calls to say she’s just parking the car. She dropped me off at the beginning of the week, and is now picking me up.
    I met her on my first day of Uni. She manages the coffee shop across the street. I stopped off on my way to class, and we hit it off. As soon as she found out I was new in town, she invited me out for drinks that weekend. We’ve been friends ever since.
    Even though I’ve only known her since moving here, she’s the best friend I’ve ever had. I have friends back in Sydney, but I’ve never connected with them, not the way I have with Dana. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.
    A hopeless romantic. She doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. She’s had plenty in the past though. She reads a lot. I mean a lot. Her head is always stuck in a damn book. A self-confessed book-whore. Trouble is, she’s become picky and can’t find a boyfriend in real life, because none of them live up to her book boyfriends.
    Dana is absolutely stunning. She has flaming red hair with a fiery temper to match. Beautiful porcelain skin, blue eyes and curves in all the right places. Men love her. She has them chasing after her all the time. I’m a little envious. More often than not, she doesn’t give them the time of day. She has a list of qualities they must have before she’ll even date them. It’s hilarious.
    The thing is, I’m pretty sure the guys in her books don’t exist. If she’s not careful she’ll end up being one of those cat ladies. All alone except for her hundreds of cats. Well she’ll always have me, but you know what I mean. The rate things are going for me right now, I may end up becoming a cat lady too.
    The girls I went to school with were up themselves. Shallow, competitive and bitchy. It was a private school so only the rich could afford to send their kids. I know not all rich people are bad, I only have to look at my parents or grandparents to see that. But sometimes money brings out the worst in people. Some rich people think they’re better than others just because of the size of their bank account.
    To me that’s the last quality I look for in a person. Give me kindness, honesty, warmth and compassion, above money.
    Most of the girls I grew up with were fake. They’d try to give off the persona that they were nice and sweet, but deep down they were vindictive, cold-hearted bitches. I never allowed myself to get close to any of them. Sure they were beautiful on the outside. Some naturally, some medically enhanced. But their hearts were ugly.
    As I grab my suitcase off the baggage carousel, thoughts of my dad flood my mind. I hated leaving him like I had earlier.
    Before we left my dad insisted on driving me to the airport. My brother was going to, but dad came home from work early, just so he could do it. I knew exactly why.
    He, like my mum, wanted to talk to me and make sure everything was alright. I assured him it was. I’m not sure if he believed me, but he didn’t push it. There was no way I was going to tell him what I’d told her. He’d be on the first plane down here to kick Chase’s arse.
    Instead, I plastered a smile on my face and changed the subject, trying my best to reassure him I was okay. Ease his mind. I know how much he worries.
    We ended up talking about school. He loves the fact that I want to follow in his footsteps. He didn’t force either one of us to do that. He wanted us to do whatever made us happy. My brother Chris, or CJ as he’s known to me and his friends, chose music. He’s in a band. Probably not dad’s first choice for him, but he’s proud of his achievements and supports him regardless.
    Their band is pretty good too. They get a lot of gigs locally, and occasionally interstate. My dad has a lot of connections in the music industry through his clients at work. He offered to put in a good word for them, but CJ wouldn’t let him. He wants to make it on his own. We’re all proud of him for that.
    After parking the car at the airport, my dad

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