Ain't No Wifey

Ain't No Wifey by Jahquel J. Read Free Book Online

Book: Ain't No Wifey by Jahquel J. Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jahquel J.
the other half for your personal expenses. Remember if we don’t get Kevin to incriMinkate Kirk or himself, we lose our case and Kirk is back on the streets again. Which mean your case will be go to trial. Try not to let your poison of choice overshadow your judgment,” Ramez advised and got up to leave. While Juelz started to dream about what he was gonna do with the money.
                  Juelz had Ashley’s apartment lit with candles and food on the stove. He had made chicken parm and picked up a bottle off Moet on his way back to the crib. Although they weren’t living together, yet, Juelz still had a key to her apartment. Ashley came through the door with Ashland right behind her. She had dry cleaning, groceries and Ashland’s book bag. Ashland ran to Juelz and gave him a hug.
    “Aye , man. What I tell you about helping your mama?” Juelz helped Ashley with the bags.
    “Sorry , daddy.” Ashland grabbed his book bag from his mother and ran off to his room.
    “Thanks , baby. I was coming home to cook, what you made?” Ashley examined the pots on the stove.
    “Don’t worry about it . You and Ash go change and come to the table.”
                  Ashley, Ashland and Juelz were all seated around the table eating the dinner Juelz had just prepared. Juelz didn’t have much of an appetite so he poked his food around, while Ashland and Ashley scarfed theirs down. Juelz knew Ashley was still hesitant about them being together mostly based on what Minka thought.
    Juelz and Minka were old news, he never was feeling her from get. Minka was shallow besides she always cared about materialistic shit. That’s why he cheated with Ashley. Kola was just bad judgment. Juelz felt bad for his reasons for being in his son’s life. He did it because he needed to be close to Ashley. So he bit a piece of his meatball and put his plan into play.
    “Baby , why don’t you invite your sister over with the kids sometimes? She is your sister and Ashland needs to know his cousins more,” Juelz suggested, which caused Ashley to choke.
    “Tamia is always with Snuff, you know I can’t stand that nigga. Plus that nigga be putting his hands on her so instead of arguing with her I keep my distance.” Ashley stuffed some more chicken in her mouth.
    “Make the effort, babe. Just because you don’t agree with her lifestyle doesn’t mean the children should suffer. Invite the kids over and let Ashland get to know his cousins. My cousins were everything to me when I was growing up, being I was the only child,” Juelz acted like he cared. He needed Ashley to hang with her sister more. It gave him a reason to speak to Snuff and do business with him.
    Juelz pushed his plate aside.
    “Baby I will try but don’t say nothing when this blows over. Tamia and I never see eye to eye,” Ashley warned Juelz pointing her fork at him.
    “That’s all I ask for , babe.” Juelz reached over and kissed Ashley.

Chapter Ten
                  The sunny, California sun shined through the hotel windows Minka was staying in. She had just arrived there last night. Micah invited her to hang with him in California for the week and she graciously accepted. She had started to receive blocked phone calls and she knew were from Austin. Minka shrugged the calls off, but he was persistent and managed to call whenever she was alone. To add to her problems, Minka hadn’t spoken to Ashley in a while and she wasn’t about to call her. The phone worked both ways.
                  Minka hadn’t been to New York. Even though she missed it, she was spending some much needed down time with her family and friends. Occasionally George would fly in to be serviced. But a new thing was on the horizon for Minka and they were called feelings.
    Micah called and invited

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