Alexandre by Shelley Munro Read Free Book Online

Book: Alexandre by Shelley Munro Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shelley Munro
Tags: Contemporary Romance, sci fi romance
leaving him alone with Lily. The air thickened, the mood turning sultry and hot.
    Man, he hungered for a woman.
    This woman.
    He’d thought he could control the pounding lust that streaked through his body. But every touch made it worse, and for a man who’d decided on a no-contact rule, he was doing a bloody lot of rule breaking. The urgent need to grab her made him want to howl like a caged tigoth.
    Breathing rapidly, Alex’s gaze ran from her bare feet and painted nails, up her denim-clad legs, and skipped across the juncture of her thighs to savor the curvy hips. He visualized holding tight and rocking against her, with her, soaring high to mutual pleasure exactly as he’d practiced with his favored consort back on Dalcon. With a sigh, his gaze traveled higher still to linger on lush breasts. Alex imagined tracing the shadowed cleavage with his tongue, molding the luscious curves with his hands and drawing a tight, aroused nipple into his mouth. He couldn’t contain his groan, and it burst forth echoing through the kitchen.
    Lily sent him a perplexed look. “Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” She reached for him. “Let me feel your forehead.”
    “No!” Alex backed up rapidly in distinct panic. “I’m fine. Tired. Just a little. Achy. The atmosphere on Earth is giving me needles and jabs.” He had to get out of here. He couldn’t fail before he’d even started. “I’ll…ah…good night! See you on the morrow.”
    Alex made the mistake of glancing in her direction before he headed for the stairs leading to the next floor. A heartbeat later, his gaze hit her lips, and as if she knew he was watching, her tongue snaked out to moisten the sensuous curves of her mouth. Alex bit back a girlish whimper. The lady knew exactly how to tempt a poor hormone-prone alien.
    A soft choked sound made his gaze jerk higher to meet her eyes. They looked dark and mysterious rather than the innocent sky blue he’d admired earlier.
    “Good night,” she whispered. “Maybe you’ll feel better in the morning.”
    Neither of them moved. Instead, they continued to stare at each other.
    Alex knew women liked to look at him even though he tried to ignore the fact. But he had the magical spell that changed his appearance, and still Lily looked as though she wanted to eat him up and then lick him all over for dessert. The hungry expression warmed him—hell, that wasn’t the truth. It made him hot. Rhinoceros—no! Horny. The Earth word was horny. It made him feel like a mighty male, and he hadn’t felt like that in a long time.
    Alex cleared his throat. “I don’t think we should follow through on this, Lily.”
    Under his fascinated gaze, her face went bright red then paled to the shade of his white shirt.
    “I’m sorry.” Her gaze skittered away, ending at her feet. “I’m acting like a desperate woman. You don’t want a fatty like me. Don’t worry, I won’t force myself on you again.”
    The embarrassed anguish in her voice jerked him upright. Lily thought he was rejecting her because of her appearance. Didn’t she know how beautiful she was? He stared nonplussed by her words.
    “I’ll understand if you want to organize another travel guide.”
    Her bottom lip wobbled, and she blinked rapidly. Hell, she was gonna start leaking. Alex shuffled from one foot to the other, trying to work out what to do. He couldn’t touch her—he just couldn’t. But then, how could he leave her thinking she repelled him when he was running for exactly the opposite reason?
    The soft sob decided it for him. With one step, he closed the distance between them, hauled her against his chest and enclosed her trembling body in his arms. Instantly, the acute pain faded. His erection softened enough that he didn’t look like the Dalcon banner flying in the seasonal wind. It was as if he’d appeased the bonding gods, and they were letting up on his poor abused body, rewarding him for good behavior.
    Lily fought his embrace, and Alex

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