All For Love

All For Love by Bella Andre, Lucy Kevin Read Free Book Online

Book: All For Love by Bella Andre, Lucy Kevin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bella Andre, Lucy Kevin
Tags: Romance
downstairs with a much clearer head than she’d come back from the studio with, she realized all the Christmas decorations were up. How could she not have noticed until right now? She had to laugh at herself, thinking of the time Michael had practically rebuilt the kitchen and she hadn’t noticed for a week because her life had been such a blur between teaching at the dance studio, coming home to eat a quick meal, and then sleeping until it was time to get up and teach again. Thankfully, it was a beautiful blur Paige loved, filled with students who always managed to amaze her with their progress and joy in dance.
    In any case, it was good to have Morgan back home and in charge of the decorations. With her flair for design, the house looked especially beautiful this Christmas. Paige could easily guess that her sister had hung the decorations with Charlotte in tow. Their niece had clearly wanted to put glitter everywhere, and of course Morgan had been only too happy to indulge the sweet little girl.
    There were miles of tinsel, decorations on every available surface, lots of colorful and shiny baubles hanging from the ceiling, and so many assorted Santa Clauses that their home could have been the location of a holiday trade show.
    At the center of it all was the tree. Paige smiled at the memory of Christmas trees from her childhood. They’d always been big and beautiful, filling the room. She and her sisters had worked together to decorate it while their mother, father, and grandmother cheered them on. Hanna had usually been the one wanting to add more ornaments to it. Morgan always liked to have a specific color theme. Rachel would volunteer to climb the ladder to put the angel at the top. And Emily would meticulously sort the presents into neat piles underneath.
    The tree this year was everything she remembered. Big enough that it was a wonder they had managed to get it through the door. Brightly decorated to the point where it was almost hard to believe there was a tree under all of the ornaments and lights, with the angel placed on top.
    The house was quiet for this time of day. She had expected Grams or Emily to be here somewhere, and given that everyone was on the island for the holidays, it was surprising that the rest of her sisters weren’t filling up the house, too.
    With all the decorations throughout the house, it took a little time before Paige noticed the note from Emily propped on the mantelpiece between a snow globe and a Santa Claus music box.
    Grams and I have gone over to Seattle to do some Christmas shopping. Hanna and Rachel are at Dad’s place. Charlotte is staying over at Morgan’s. So the house is yours for the night. Have fun!
    Momentarily, Paige was at a loss as to what to do for the evening. She thought about going over to see her father, Hanna, and Rachel. He lived only a short distance away, in the middle of town. It would be nice to visit with all of them—a nice end to a day that had been so frustrating.
    On the other hand, she saw far more of her father than her other sisters did and knew it would be good to give him a chance to visit with them on their own. Besides, with Nicholas and Joel in tow, his small cottage would be full to bursting.
    Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Paige’s head. “I get to control the TV for once,” she said with a smile. How often did she find herself alone in the house? As much as she loved her sister and grandmother, it was nice to have some space every now and again to watch whatever shows she wanted. Especially since the others tended to veto her collection of dance movies. Apparently, she and Grams were the only ones who loved watching the same movies for the hundredth time so that they could work through the dance sequences.
    Another idea made Paige smile even wider: She was the only one in the family who liked to order takeout.
    She went into the kitchen to look through the drawer where she kept a collection of takeaway menus from the local

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