Alone No More

Alone No More by Chris Philbrook Read Free Book Online

Book: Alone No More by Chris Philbrook Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chris Philbrook
on their ruined legs. Some of the girls had broken their own feet kicking at the unstoppable zombies. Those unable to stand crawled in circles, licking the blood smears on the walls and furniture absently. Even the indignity of the trash bin they had been using as a toilet had been knocked over, leaving the raw stench of human waste powerful and thick in the air, partially obscuring the smell of dead bodies.
    Deb and Kim finally saw everything as it was in the dawn light. They saw the end of sanity. Deb started crying. As if controlled by some sadistic, evil puppeteer the zombie women turned on their strings, looking up at the two remaining survivors. They rushed to the bunk, reaching up, clawing, and scratching at their legs and feet. Deb and Kim pressed their bodies as hard as they could against the door the bunk was against, trying to stay as far from the edge and the undead as they could. Their efforts bought them some time, but not their lives.
    One of the zombie women, a girl really, had been wearing a large ring. As she reached up to claw at her prey the ring caught on the sheet, ripping a hole in it. When she reached up again her hand slipped through the hole, catching there. In a confused rage, like a wild animal caught in a trap, the little monster pulled away savagely, tugging the sheets slowly off the bed, one inch at a time. Deb and Kim saw the sheets start to move, and shortly after felt themselves being tugged towards the edge of the bed. They started to scramble, to get off the top of the sheet, but Deb wasn’t fast enough. 
    “NOOOOOOooooooo!” Kim screamed like an animal as her best friend stared at her in horror. As the hands got closer to her friend, Deb looked blankly at Kim. Her eyes went wide in fear.
    The captain, Jenny, or what was left of her, was right at the edge of the bed, her long, strong arms reaching further onto the top bunk. Her powerful grip latched onto the ankle of the blonde, and tugged strong. And just like that, Deb’s leg was snared, and she was dragged off the bed like a slab of screaming meat. Her body hit the floor hard face first and her breath was knocked from her. Unable to scream, she kicked and punched until she couldn’t anymore.
    Kim looked over the edge of the bed for a moment after she saw Deb’s struggles cease. They feasted on her. Even as Deb’s body was ripped apart slowly, she had a spasm, and kicked over one of the undead chewing at her calf. The undead girl scrambled back onto her body and bit her savagely in return, almost out of spite, tearing another chunk of skin and muscle clean off.
    This infuriated Kim. She looked around the top of the bunk for a weapon, finding only her tightly balled fists. It would have to do. No one fucked with her best friend like that.
    Kim let loose one bloodcurdling scream in the glowing light of the dawn coming in the window, and leapt from the top bunk. She would kill every one of these monsters, or die trying.
    In the end, she died like her friends did. 
     Scared, and screaming.

    December 2010

December 3 rd
    I have managed to survive to today despite my earlier attempts to jinx myself. Sometimes, I am stupid. I have been lucky lately though, and have dodged putting the kibosh on myself. I really need to watch what I say. Eventually I WILL say something and regret it.
    Where to start? Let’s talk about the weather Mr. Journal. It’s fucking cold out. I’ve had to turn the heat up a little at night to stay warm. Currently I’ve got the heat on 60 at night, and it seems to be running almost all night. I’m still pretty chilly, but with Otis and pile of blankets, I’ll survive. At this rate, I’ll burn through my fuel supply much faster than I anticipated. I need to keep a good watch on how long my generator’s tank lasts me. I suspect I’ll need to get up to fill it during the night if I keep at the rate I’m going. I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out. I thought I was good at

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