AlphainHiding by Lea Barrymire Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: AlphainHiding by Lea Barrymire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lea Barrymire
land. She sighed when she could no
longer hear him. What a way to ruin a perfectly great evening. Oh well—at least
it was over and no one had gotten hurt.
    The hairs on the back of her neck suddenly stood to
attention. A shift in emotions alerted her to a new development in the
clearing. She turned to find Seth watching her with predatory glee in his eyes
and a sexy smile playing along his lips. All the anger seemed to have bled from
him and been replaced by something close to anticipation. Shit. A male who’d
won his first dominance fight was usually flooded with adrenaline and lust. His
cock was erect and drew her attention.
    Oh boy.
    She didn’t want to have to put Seth in his place, but the
thoughts rolling through his head were going to force her hand. He sure had an
active and very interesting imagination. A sigh of resignation slipped through
her lips.

Chapter Seven
    Seth couldn’t seem to get a grip on his thoughts. He knew
she was still sharing a connection with him because he could feel her shadow in
his thoughts. The images moving through his mind were erotic, and embarrassing,
but he just couldn’t stop them. The way she looked at him and stared at his
cock, as if it were a tasty treat, just fed his imagination.
    He wanted to force her to her knees and shove his cock down
her throat. The image of his hands gripping her hair and guiding her hot mouth
to his shaft made his knees weak. He could just imagine the noises she would
make as she swallowed his cum. The sensation of her swallowing the head of his
cock while he came down her throat would be fantastic. Maybe he would make her
squeeze his sac while he pumped into her mouth. Or maybe he’d make her touch
herself while sucking him.
    A slap to the back of his head made him jump. He opened his
eyes. When had he closed them? An angry, naked Emily stood in front of him. Her
foot tapped a rapid rhythm and her fists were at her sides, clenched hard
enough that her knuckles were white. Fuck. She had been privy to all those
    She was staring at his cock again but not with affection or
even heat. He looked down and found his hand still moving along its length. He
ripped it off his member. Well, that would explain the sensations he’d imagined
as his mind had wandered. Embarrassment flooded his system, with irritation
close on its heels. She could easily pull her connection from his mind. She
didn’t have to stay connected to witness his fantasy gone wild, although
even if she didn’t see his thoughts, the manhandling of his cock probably would
have given away his thoughts. He looked up to find her still staring daggers at
him. He sighed.
    “Sorry. I don’t know what got into me. The picture started
to form and then I just couldn’t let it go.” He closed his eyes and waited. He
had watched her put down males for much less than he’d just done. He wondered
if she would force him to do something disgusting or just mentally punish him.
    “Fuck. I’m not going to do anything to you. Jeezus. I’m not
that much of a heartless bitch. You’re just reacting to the adrenaline and your
wolf is reveling in your first victory.” She sighed and he could feel her
relax. “Look, let’s run back to the cabin, then I can break the connection and
you can take care of that absolutely beautiful erection by yourself.”
    He whipped his eyes back to hers. He couldn’t believe she
was sanctioning him taking matters—and his cock—into his own hands, pun fully
intended. Her face was a blank mask and she was blocking her emotions from him.
He nodded and pulled his wolf forward again.
    The shift took only a moment and once he was in fur again
his thoughts centered on the female sharing his space. The urge to chase her
and mount her was strong. He knew those thoughts were going to get him into
trouble but he couldn’t stop them from forming. His wolf understood all too
well what had happened. He had won a challenge between himself and a rival male
for his

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