AlphainHiding by Lea Barrymire Read Free Book Online

Book: AlphainHiding by Lea Barrymire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lea Barrymire
clamped on his windpipe until Ed whined. The
submissive sound signaled the end of the fight. Seth released Ed and backed up,
placing his body between Emily and Ed.
    Pride and amusement slid between Seth and Emily along their
connection. She could hear his triumphant laughter inside his head and she
grinned. For someone who didn’t like his wolfy side he sure was taking to being
a wolf with flying colors. She was proud of him too. Her wolf was all atwitter
over his masculine show of dominance. Nothing warmed the heart of a wolf bitch
more than a male who would protect her.
    Emily shifted quickly into her human form and let her power
unfold, pushing out against the two males. She might have enjoyed watching Seth
take Ed down but that didn’t mean she would allow anything else to happen. She
was the acting Alpha in this run and responsible for all that happened.
Injuries acquired would have to be dealt with and tempers reined in. Standing
with hands on her hips, she stared at the two males. She growled at both of
them, “Shift now or I’ll force it on you.”
    Seth shifted first, still giving off dominant vibes. He
stood, beautiful in the moonlight, chest pushed out and a shit-eating grin on
his face. She pushed down the urge to pat him on the back like a child who’d
come home with all As on his report card. Her overwhelming pride in his
behavior was almost funny. His body had a few scratches from his tussle with
the other male but she couldn’t smell any blood. The scent of hot male
tantalized her nose.
    She turned to watch Ed finish his shift. “Ed, what the hell?
You know you aren’t supposed to be in these woods.”
    “Sorry, Em. I didn’t realize you were up here or I woulda
stayed away.” Ed’s voice was a nasal whine that grated on her nerves. He turned
angry eyes on Seth. “Who the fuck is he, anyway?”
    “None of your business, and you knew I’d be here. Figured
you’d catch me running alone in the woods?” She scowled at Seth as a growl
vibrated in his chest, then turned her attention back to the irritating male.
“Go home, Ed. I don’t want you here.”
    The male glared at Seth for a moment longer, then turned
hurt eyes to Emily. She sighed loudly.
    Here comes the begging.
    She tamped down the urge to make him cry. Honestly, how many
times could she turn him down before he got the idea that she wasn’t
interested? Her wolf growled inside her head. Neither of her sides liked the
male, and the more he pursued them the less they could stand him.
    “Please, Em? Let me at least buy you a cup of coffee or something.
You know I’m a good male and I’d make a good mate.”
    “Fuck.” She growled. She could feel Seth edging closer to
her, almost touching her back with his naked chest. Anger flowed off him in
waves. “No. No coffee, no dinner, no mating—nothing. We’ve been over this. Go
home and find yourself a nice female who can make you happy.”
    “I love you, Emily Prescott, and nothing will ever stop me
from trying. Nothing. I know we’re meant to be together. My wolf knows it too,
and I’m sure that you know it as well but just don’t want to give in. I’m going
to be there every time you turn around, when you least expect me, and one of
those times you’re going to give in and take me as your rightful mate.” He
looked so hopeful that she really had a tough time pushing him away, but this
had gone far enough. She could hear the outrage and anger seething just under
Seth’s skin.
    “Ed, you know I hate doing this to you, but you give me no
choice.” She pulled her power around her and pushed it out toward the male. She
let every ounce of disgust color her words. “I will never be your mate, ever.
You’re delusional if you think a wolf with less than omega status would ever be
enough for my bitch. I can barely stand seeing your face, let alone let you
mate me. Go. Home.”
    Ed tried to fight the compulsion but in the end he shifted
back to wolf form and trotted off toward his

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