Among the Fallen: Resurrection
used to empty his bladder. Alex looked at him profoundly and disgusted without saying a thing and waited for her change. She considered buying sweets or some candy for Sarah, but when she spied Mr Hygiene she soon changed her mind in fear of catching something; she even considered leaving her change behind but in the course of habit she had already walked away with it. She strolled out onto the forecourt and fumbled for her keys before noticing them through the window, already in place in the dashboard. She looked at them puzzled then looked at the key slot on the petrol tank flap, her mind suddenly filled with strange whispers and inaudible chatter. She blinked and shook her head, rolling her eyes creepily and got in the car. Alex turned to Sarah at the back.
    “Sarah babe…” she said pointing out of the rear window. “See that man in there?” she said pointing out the attendant that served her. “That’s what happens when you drop out of school!” she said jokingly as the attendant waved at them. Sarah waved back at him with a grin and Alex sighed as she flopped back into her seat and buckled up.
    “I swear to God, sometimes I think I’m alone in life!” Alex joked quietly.
    The car started and she set out again onto the freeway. Sarah sat doodling and scribbling as Alex navigated a ton of Japanese metal in and out of crazy rain blind traffic. Suddenly, Sarah turned in the back seat raising a pen and her book.
    “Would you like to do some, Gauge?” Sarah asked innocently.
    Alex looked at the empty backseat with a smile through her rear view mirror, Gauge was Sarah’s imaginary friend and was part of the family, like most imaginary friends she was and always would be the best friend Sarah would ever have; but Alex was more envious than concerned.
    “Sarah?” Alex said softy “I have been meaning to ask; hold on!”
    Alex slowed down quickly so the guy behind her had to slam his breaks on, grinning with a satisfying smile. “Asshole!” she barked proudly. Sarah just stared at her, waiting for Alex to get back into character. “Anyways, what does Gauge look like?”
    Sarah looked at her puzzled. “You still can’t see her?” she said sweetly and confidently. Alex shook her head with a smile and continued to glare at the driver behind her through her mirror as he drove behind just feet from the boot of her car. “Well she looks a bit like you sis, except Gauge is a bit prettier” she said innocently.
    “Just a bit prettier?” Alex laughed coyly with her attention clearly behind her.
    “Okay, a lot prettier, just didn’t wanna upset ya!” Sarah smiled sweetly before continuing her mission to ruin her colouring book. Alex was getting more and more concerned with the erratic and worrying behaviour of the idiot behind her, made all the more intimidating by the fact could not see anything out of any window in the car. Alex picked up her phone and looked at briefly before realizing it had no signal, swiftly throwing it back on the dashboard, clearly aggravated.
    She eventually turned off exit 89 and watched in relief as the car that had been on her tail the whole way home, drove on and continued his way up the freeway. Alex glared through the rain as she neared the security post into Blackwater approach and waited tolerantly behind another car, watching as the dark and mysterious soldiers strolled around the car in front and checked identification. She stared past the blockade and over the trees in the distance, looking at the lights of Blackwater’s tallest skyscrapers as they glimmered in the far flung darkness. She suddenly reached into her glove box and pulled out her pass and waited patiently as Sarah amused herself in the back seat. Alex watched the wipers on her windscreen working frantically as they lashed at the torrential rain, gazing from the window as they eventually let the car in front through. As the car’s lights vanished into the darkness, Alex pulled up to the checkpoint and watched

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