Angel's Redemption (The Fallen Warriors Series Book 6)
    Gritting his teeth, he said, “Or what.”
    When she merely shrugged, he backed away and tried to return to the subject at hand. “What would you do if you came face-to-face with an angel?”
    She frowned and turned to face him. “Male or female?”
    That made him blink. “Does it matter?”
    “Of course. If it was a male, I’d probably do something like this.” She unzipped the top of her coat, revealing a low cut shirt beneath, and fluffed out her hair before sauntering toward him. “Wow, you are so big. And muscular .”
    Seth fought to maintain his patience. Did this female take anything seriously? He was beginning to think she’d come here just to flirt with an angel.
    “Most angels feel your race is the equivalent of a roach,” he bit out. “Something to be exterminated. Do you really think flirtation will be an effective tool against them?”
    That gave her pause. Her eyes went wide at his tone, but after a moment she recovered and smiled. “ You don’t feel that way about humans, do you, big guy?”
    When she started forward again, he frowned and took a step back. She saw it, and grinned, as if this was a game and the objective was to throw him off guard.
    “Come on,” she practically purred. “A guy who looks like sin and wears leather pants surely can’t object to a little feminine company, can he?”
    He scowled at that. “I don’t—”
    But before he could say anything further, Lily stepped right in between him and Goldie.
    Seth’s back automatically tensed. He’d been so caught up in redirecting the human’s advances he hadn’t even noticed Lily approach, and he had no clue how she was going to respond.
    Lily kept her back to him as she addressed the female. “Do you actually plan on surviving against the angels? Because your feminine wiles will gain you nothing when it comes to them,” she said flatly.
    The female’s cheeks flamed red and her shoulders scrunched under Lily’s scrutiny. “I—”
    “If they would condemn their own kind to death simply for championing mankind, what makes you think your wit or beauty would have the slightest effect on them?”
    Goldie wilted under the power of Lily’s gaze. “Sorry,” she mumbled before scurrying away.
    A ribbon of emotion wafted from Lily as she watched the woman retreat. Heaven help him, she was jealous.
    His heart soared with delight. Maybe it was selfish of him, but the knowledge that she cared enough to feel that emotion when it came to him gave him hope.
    Then she turned to face him, and the anguish on her face, the sickish churn of insecurity swirling off her, made his gut wrench. She didn’t need to speak in order for him to understand.
    She was scared. Scared he would fall for another human. That she would always have to watch over him to ensure his faithfulness.
    And it was all his fault.
    Self-loathing filled his stomach as he took a step forward. “Lily, no.”
    She shook her head and took several steps backward. “Please, don’t.”
    He sighed deeply, but adhered to her wishes. “Lily,” he murmured.”
    “I need some air.”
    With those words, she grew her wings and flew into the air.
    Almost in concert, the humans stopped their training to watch her. The sight of an angel in flight was a rare enough occurrence that they all stood there, spellbound.
    As he watched her go, an internal battle waged within him. He wanted to obey her desires, but at the same time he couldn’t simply let her fly away.
    When she was just a speck in the distance, he could take it no longer. He flexed his back, freeing his wings from the confines of his flesh, and took off after her.
    He finally caught up with her as she touched down on a snow-covered embankment beside the Bronx River. She absorbed her wings and stared out onto the partially ice covered water.
    Landing several feet behind her on the sloped embankment, he let the solitude of their surroundings wash over them. There was beauty in the frosty white of the ice and

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