Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts by Jenika Snow Read Free Book Online

Book: Animal Instincts by Jenika Snow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenika Snow
betrayal, as a sick coupling that went
against nature.
four years ago, when I saw you in the hallway and all I wanted to do was make
sure you were safe, I could see the connection you had with me.” He spoke
softer this time. “Just admit that you feel the pull now, that you want this of
your own free will because you’re an adult and can finally feel the sexual
chemistry between us.”
started breathing heavier, like she couldn’t stop herself, couldn’t control her
own body. Danika was so wet between her thighs, and she felt her nipples harden
beneath her shirt. Yes, she was a twenty year old virgin, but even though she
may not be experienced that way, illicit and dirty images of being under Damien
filled her mind. She could picture his big, hard, and muscular body straining
over hers, that massive erection between his legs thrusting in and out of her
body. It would hurt, that was for sure, but she had a feeling that even if she
wasn’t a virgin it still would have felt like he was splitting her in two. She
may not be an expert on penis size, but God, Damien had to have broken the mold
with that thing.
inhaled deeply, and he closed his eyes for a second as his nostrils flared out
slightly. “I might not be able to know what you’re thinking, but from the
desire pouring off of you I can guess, Danika.” He opened his eyes, his pupils
still contracting and dilating as his lion flashed across his face. “I won’t
push you into anything. I’d never force your hand, but you also have to know,
because I’ll never lie to you, that I can’t walk away.” He cupped the side of
her face, his fingers strong, warm, and slightly calloused. “I walked away,
gave you the space you deserved and needed, but only because you were too
young. You needed to experience life first, and my sexual desire to claim you
didn’t happen until years after I found you.”
is making my head spin,” she told him honestly.
know, baby.” He looked down at her mouth. “ Christ ,
I know how hard it is for you. But you’re my mate, and neither my lion nor
human side will just let you go. I’d walk in the fiery pits of hell just to
show you how much I am connected to you. This bond, this mating we have, for me
is unbreakable.”
was so much truth in his words, so much determination for her to fully
understand what he meant, that Danika’s heart started beating so fast and hard
she grew dizzy from her rising blood pressure. This whole situation was insane,
and she felt like she had been dropped into some twisted scene from The
Twilight Zone. But despite all of that right now she couldn’t deny that
whatever he was talking about—this connection he had with her—she most
definitely felt it. Maybe she shouldn’t want anyone to touch her after what
that asshole had tried to do with her back at the party, but honestly she
wanted to feel Damien’s strong, protective body beside hers. Danka wanted to be
able to let herself go, just enjoy the feeling of
giving herself freely to someone, and not have to fight to stay on top of the
didn’t move closer, but he did hold her tightly, stroked her cheek with his
thumb, and stared in her eyes. Maybe he waited to see what she would do or say,
or maybe he was just as nervous as she was at how this was playing out.
    No, he isn’t nervous. Look at
him, look at how secure he is in his position, in the way he speaks, and the
fact he’s told you exactly what he wants … you.
then something snapped inside of her, and she realized that this night would
have her experiencing things she’d only envisioned late at night when she was
alone in her bed. She’d also felt something for Damien since the first encounter
with him. Even at only sixteen her body had recognized something in Damien as
she’d stared into his eyes, felt his body heat fill her, surround her even. And
she definitely felt something when he had said she was his.  

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