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Book: Anne Mather by Sanja Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sanja
ring if you want more tea.'
    'Bless you,' said Adam, and Mrs Jones chuckled as she went out.
    Nero, who had settled himself in front of the fire also, now smelt food and Caroline allowed him to eat some of her sandwiches.
    'You'll make him fat,' remarked Adam with a grin. 'He's been badly spoiled by the Joneses.'
    Caroline shrugged. 'I know.. .but his eyes positively implore for more. He's very persuasive and very lovable.'
    'Lucky Nero,' said Adam rather dryly, and drank his tea.
    When they had finished with the tray, Caroline placed it on the table near the door.
    'Ought I to take it through?' she offered anxiously. She wasn't used to having everything done for her in such a manner, pleasant though it might be.
    'No,' he drawled lazily. 'Come and sit beside me and tell me all about yourself.'
    Caroline's heart pounded as she seated herself beside him, intensely aware of his thigh only inches away from her own and of his head turned her way, eyes watching her, as he relaxed against the red brocade. The lighting from the standard lamp was not bright and Caroline hoped he was unaware of how much he disturbed her.
    'There's not much to tell,' she murmured quietly, gazing into the fire. 'My parents died when I was very young. An aunt brought me up and then I moved in with Amanda six months ago.'
    'Very exciting,' he remarked with a smile. 'No romance?'
    The intimacy of this situation washed over her and she shook her head, not trusting herself to speak. How could she make light-hearted conversation about a subject so newly apparent?
    Adam moved slightly, until his thigh was touching hers, and cupped her face with one hand, forcing her to look at him. His eyes scanned her features intently, and she was sure he must be able to hear the thudding of her heart. She trembled violently, and jerked her face away before he could read what must be in her eyes. She felt his fingers playing with her hair, touch- ing the nape of her neck, disturbing her emotions, so that she was forced to look at him again. Then, slowly and deliberately, he leant forward, and placed his mouth against hers, exploring its softness expertly, until her lips parted involuntarily, and the kiss hardened and lengthened into something much more demanding. Caroline had never dreamed a man's mouth could arouse such sensations, and it was with a sense of loss she felt him release her and get up, with almost savage movements.
    Caroline remained where she was, unknowingly provocative in her untried innocence.
    Adam angrily kicked a log in the fire with his shoe, and stood staring down into the flames.
    'Why don't you say something?' he muttered. 'Like, for instance, what about last night's lecture?'
    Caroline sighed. 'Are you sorry you kissed me, Adam?' she asked softly.
    Adam swung round. 'You know what I want to do!' he groaned violently. 'Me! The so-called platonic adviser of last night!' He frowned angrily. 'And I thought I could bring you here and take you back without incident.' He ran a hand over his hair. 'I must have been mad!'
    Caroline shook her head. 'Stop torturing yourself, Adam,' she said quietly. 'It was my fault.'
    Adam breathed swiftly. 'Caroline, don't make it any harder!'
    Caroline rose to her feet, slim and unconsciously, alluring before him. 'Why need it be hard?' she murmured. 'You sound as though you want to forget it, and neither of us could do that.'
    Adam stared at her for a moment, and then pulled her into his arms. 'Caroline, this is foolish!' he muttered, but he was trembling, too, and Caroline slid her arms round his neck, destroying his attempt to act sensibly. His mouth found hers again, and now his kisses were the passionate demand of a man for a woman, and Caroline responded without thought of resistance. This was Adam, and she loved him, and she wanted to make him aware of it. Adam's self- control was slipping dangerously low; the warmth and intimacy of this charming room were weaving their own spell, and they seemed alone in a wonderful

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