ANYTHING 4 PROFIT (ANYTHING FOR PROFIT) by Justin Amen Floyd Read Free Book Online

Book: ANYTHING 4 PROFIT (ANYTHING FOR PROFIT) by Justin Amen Floyd Read Free Book Online
Authors: Justin Amen Floyd
                “Nigga, don’t be snatchin’ on me! I ain’t no muh’fuckin’ doll!”  Tasha looked like she was fuming on their way out of the restaurant. 
                 A few minutes later, Twan noticed Meka wasn’t eating.  He asked, “What’s wrong, Meka?  Why you ain’t eatin’ the rest of your food?”                                                                                                                         
                 “That frog lookin’ bitch done spoiled my appetite,” said Meka, with a frown on her face.  She just sat there playing with her food with her fork.                                                                                                                    
                 “Come on, baby, it ain’t that serious.”                                                                                              
                  On any other night, Twan would’ve been right. But it wasn’t the comments that Tasha made that had Meka so upset. It was the fact that her and Rico would be able to say that she was the last person seen with Twan while he was still alive.  But she told herself it wouldn’t matter.  Meka was ruthless when it came to men, so she dismissed those second thoughts fast. That nigga Twan was on the list, and it was going down. 
    She said, “Daddy, to be honest with you, I’m ready to go.  Let’s get outta here so I can go ‘head and feed you yo’ dessert.”  Meka licked her glossy lips, knowing that drove Twan out of his mind.                                  
              Just as she expected, he said, “Fuck it, lets ride.” He dropped a crisp hundred dollar bill on the table to pay for the $72 meal, and cover a hearty tip. 
    They exited the restaurant, and headed to the car.  After they got in, Twan peeled off toward his house.

Chapter 4
    As soon as Meka and Twan walked through the door of his house, they were all over each other like two wild animals in the jungle. Twan de-activated the security system, and he was so preoccupied with Meka he forgot to turn it back on after he shut the door.  Meka peeped this, and smiled to herself. 
    Her performance as Twan’s leading lady gave Oscar winning actresses a run for their money.  But one thing she never had to fake with him was sex. When he ripped her little dress off and put his hand between her thighs, he discovered that she was already dripping wet. She was ready.  His excitement showed through his pants. He fumbled with his belt, anxious to get inside of her.
      Finally, with Meka’s help, he got his pants undone and let them drop to the floor.  Fully erect, he picked Meka’s small but voluptuous frame up, and entered her roughly. 
       She clawed his shoulders, and screamed, “Oh my God!”  His landing was rough, but she took it.  Meka moaned and cried, “Fuck me, Twan.  Fuck me, daddy. I wanna feel that dick, baby!  Give it to me!”
    She wrapped her thick brown legs around Twan’s waist.  Twan was pretty average sized, and he was trying to bang Meka’s back out, but she acted like it wasn’t enough.  She screamed, “Harder! Harder, daddy! I wanna feel it!” 
    Twan obeyed, and thrust himself inside of Meka even harder.  Both of them were sweating profusely.  It was too much.  He yelled, “Oh shit, baby!  I can’t hold it, Meka, I’m ‘bout to bust!  Aahh, I swear!  I’m ‘bout to bust!”                              
               Meka sucked on his earlobe, and said,

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