Anything You Want: River Jewel Resort Series Book 1

Anything You Want: River Jewel Resort Series Book 1 by Madison Sevier Read Free Book Online

Book: Anything You Want: River Jewel Resort Series Book 1 by Madison Sevier Read Free Book Online
Authors: Madison Sevier
hands explored her body, lingering as he discovered each new enticing secret her body held. In an instant, Sydney realized she had never been truly touched or ravished like a woman should be. Like a woman deserved to be. Lovemaking with Roger had always been so…mechanical, almost as if it were a chore.
    Sydney reached out and found the top of Mark’s swim trunks, sliding her hand inside. She was more than pleased with what her hand found. She now knew what they said about large hands was true and touching his smooth, hard erection sent shivers down her spine. The insatiable urge to lick him, taste him, take all of him into her mouth raced through her.
    Mark’s hands roamed over her breasts, stopping only to pinch her nipples before descending to her stomach. He squeezed her hip while his tongue danced inside Sydney’s mouth. Her core was slick with need and she pumped him, begging for more.
    “Slow down, kitten. All in good time. Wait right here. I want you to be protected.” His roguish smile brought her closer to the edge of oblivion. Mark pulled away long enough to slide his shorts off, leaving them on the floor and he padded, naked into the adjoining bathroom. In that moment, Sydney felt lost, cold without his touch and her soul wept until he returned. Why was she being so emotional? The time he was away from her may have been brief but it nearly brought Sydney to tears. She’d never been with any other man besides Roger and though she’d just met him, Mark was a million times the man Roger ever was. Something about him, made Sydney believe Lexi may have been right. Maybe she was meant to be with Mark. Either that or Sydney needed serious mental help. Maybe she was losing it.
    Mark returned, slid in beside her, and easily rolled Sydney so she was on top of him. Not the most graceful thing to attempt, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was she was close to him, melting into him. He held up a condom and Sydney snatched it from him and ripping it open with her teeth. Feeling wonton and empowered she stared into his eyes as she rolled the latex over his cock, sheathing him with a barrier of protection for both of them.
    Sydney guided him into her, amazed at his girth, even though she’d expected it to be a tight fit. Mark groaned in ecstasy as he inched himself inside her. Sydney threw her head back as he forced the last of himself in.
    “You’re so tight, Sydney!” His eyes smoldering with ecstasy as he thumbed her clit.
    She rolled her hips and rode him, while her pussy clenched his shaft. His hands squeezed and pinched her, creating pain and pleasure wherever they touched. Everything about Mark was perfect, almost too perfect but she didn’t care. She needed him, his touch and every moment she had with him, she would cherish.
    Sydney’s heart raced as she neared ecstasy and Mark’s thrusts met hers pound for pound. Their bodies were slick with sweat and primed for more. As Mark drove deeper into Sydney, hammering her, holding her ass as she bobbed up and down on his shaft, Sydney screamed as her orgasm tore through her. Her juices ran down his shaft as Sydney’s pussy milked him, begged him to release his seed. She rammed herself up and down, up and down, until his back arched and he held her in place as his hot cum shot inside her.
    She rolled her hips, grinding her clit against his pelvis, whimpering for more. He pulled her to him, kissing her with unbridled passion as the last of his climax emptied into her core. He rocked her slowly, pushing her to another orgasm, whispering “Cum baby, cum all over me.” And she did before collapsing on top of him, depleted and satisfied.
    Mark held her and traced lazy circles on her shoulder. Their lovemaking over, Sydney felt awkward, unsure what she should do or say. Mark kissed the top of her head as she lay across his chest.
    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’ll get me going again and you’ll never get out of here.” She smiled into his

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