Astonish by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online

Book: Astonish by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: sci-fi, paranormal, futuristic, romance
compromise for the frantic seamstresses who only had hours to create something for the avatar. She was currently wearing two wide swaths of fabric. The first was folded carefully and wrapped around her breasts, the necklace that Hassoi provided her with was knotted in the centre as support. Around her hips, she knotted another panel of fabric that allowed Rimeer access while giving her a socially acceptable appearance.
    To Ceelie’s eyes, her clothing reminded her of old sword and sorcery movies. All she needed was a few pounds of jewellery and she was ready to play the role of barbarian queen.
    Rimeer was more than happy with her clothing. The wrap around her waist did not fight his hands and with a few short tugs, she would be naked. With even less effort, he could flip the skirt out of the way and thrust into her. It was a win-win scenario.
    “Can I see the surprise?”
    He paused and consulted Hassoi. “Yes, you can.”
    Without a goodbye, he took her hand and they walked rapidly from the village toward the wall of briars.
    They stopped and she recognized the area. “This is the mouth of the spring. It is hidden behind the tangle.”
    The wall of briars was huge. It was over thirty feet tall and over a hundred feet wide. “What is in there? Sleeping beauty?”
    He laughed. “Now that we are here, it will retract.”
    His words were the trigger that the vines seemed to need. As they watched, the briars crumbled into dust and exposed what they were hiding.
    “Holy heck.” Ceelie’s mouth opened in shock.
    It was her house. The house in her mind that she had clung to while her world had rocked around her. It was made of wood, stone and living trees, but it was her house.
    “How did…it’s my…” she took step after step forward.
    Rimeer let her enter on her own.
    Ceelie wandered into the house and explored it with her enhanced speed. The rooms were as she pictured them. The furnishings were perfect and in the centre, where she had placed a fireplace in her mind, was the spring of Hassoi.
    She turned and looked at her bonded mate. “It is all here. Everything I ever dreamed of, it’s all in here. Why?”
    Rimeer smiled. “You give me everything that I need, why should I not give you what you want?”
    She rushed into his arms and held him, feeling Hassoi join their embrace. It was a genuine emotion, not a protocol, not an attempt to be politically correct for an audience. She wanted nothing more than to hold him all through the night and at this moment she realized that it was possible.
    She sighed and rubbed against him. “Can we go to bed?”
    He laughed and Hassoi smiled through his eyes. “Did you have me build a bed?”
    “Three that I counted. One should be big enough for Rimeer, so can we just have a nice rest without engaging in the sacrifice of pleasure?”
    Hassoi grinned and stroked her cheek. “You have more than earned it, but on the morrow, I will need my avatars again.”
    Rimeer replaced Hassoi in his own body and sighed. “Which way to the bedroom?”
    She laughed and stepped out of his embrace, taking his hand and hauling him to the second level where the master bedroom held court.
    She untied her breast wrap and let it slither to the floor while she worked at the knot that held up her skirt.
    When she had first started traipsing around barefoot, she had expected her feet to pick up dirt. Hassoi didn’t let his avatar get dirty. Her skin repelled dirt and attracted nothing but her bond mate. It was a funny situation, but she only needed to shower or bathe after sex. Cum was the only thing that stuck to her newly slicked skin.
    Rimeer’s clothing didn’t fight her and his erection bucked lightly as she pressed a soft kiss and lick to it while she knelt to draw his trousers down. “The boots are all yours, Rimeer.”
    He snickered and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling his boots off, one by one.
    Ceelie turned back the covers and slid inside, holding the blankets up in invitation.

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