Astro Boy: The Movie

Astro Boy: The Movie by Tracey West Read Free Book Online

Book: Astro Boy: The Movie by Tracey West Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tracey West
Tags: Robots
Sparx said. “You want something with a bit more oomph to it.”
    “Something like the Ice-Maker,” suggested Mike the Fridge.
    “Or the Annihilator,” said Sparx.
    “Or Doris,” offered Robotsky.
    “Well, I guess I really will be going now,” Astro said, slowly backing away.
    As he spoke, Robotsky shut off his power. Then he powered back up.
    “What about Astro?” he said.
    Astro kind of liked the sound of that, but Sparx was annoyed. “Oh, be quiet. If you can’t come up with a sensible suggestion then kindly mind your own business.”
    Robotsky looked at the floor. “Sorry.”
    “Think, think,” Sparx muttered. “Wait. I got it! ASTRO!”
    “Oh, that’s marvelous, it is,” gushed Robotsky.
    “It’s modern, a little space age—I love it!” Sparx decided.
    Astro took another step back. “Okay, but I really gotta—”
    “Tell Astro the plan!” Sparx said quickly.
    The other two robots gasped.
    “Tell him!” Sparx ordered.
    “As you wish, comrade,” Robotsky said.
    The TV screen on his chest sparked to life. The face of a chubby man with a dark mustache appeared.
    “This is Hamegg, owner of the World Wide Robot Games in town,” Sparx said.
    “We will now spit on his name,” said Robotsky.
    All three robots spit on the floor at the mention of his name.
    Astro grimaced. “Nice.”
    “The robot games enslave our kind,” Sparx explained. “We need to make an example of Hamegg. We want to do something so horrible ... so frightening ... so shocking that the humans will be forced to free all robots.”
    Astro was starting to feel nervous. Maybe these guys were more dangerous than they looked.
    “What are you going to do?” he asked.
    “The next robot games are in a week,” Robotsky began.
    “We’re going to sneak into town in cunning disguises,” Sparx continued.
    Mike the Fridge joined in. “We’re going to lie in wait for Hamegg ... ”
    Astro waited for the payoff. “And?”
    “And when he shows up ... Robotsky hesitated.
    “Yes?” Astro asked impatiently.
    “Now bear in mind that we’re forced to follow the laws of robotics,” Sparx reminded him.
    “Okay,” Astro said.
    Sparx raised a fist in the air. “We’re going to tickle him with a feather!”
    “Viva la Roboto-lution!” the three robots yelled.
    Astro was confused. “That’s the plan?”
    “We’re already looking into purchasing the feather,” Robotsky said.
    Astro was relieved. “So you guys are completely harmless.”
    “NO!” Sparx protested. “We are absolutely terrifying revolutionaries.”
    “Who are unable to do any actual terrifying,” Astro pointed out.
    Sparx thought for a moment. “Yes!”
    The door to the hideout busted open. Cora stood there, holding a wrench, with the three kids behind her.
    “Aargh! How did you find our secret hideout?” Sparx asked.
    Cora pointed overhead. A giant neon sign read: RRF SECRET HIDEOUT. Colorful helium balloons were tied to the roof as well.
    “You morons need to work on your camouflage skills,” she said. She took a step toward them, tapping the wrench in her palm. “Hand over the kid or we’ll rewire you and turn you into useful household appliances.”
    Sparx looked at Astro in amazement.
    “Kid? What are you talking about? He’s a—”
    Astro grabbed Sparx and got into his face. “You want a piece of me, tin man?” he asked. Under his breath, he whispered, “Be cool. I’m an undercover robot from Metro City.”
    “I knew it,” Sparx hissed back. “Viva la Robot-olution.”
    Astro turned back to Cora. “These guys aren’t doing any harm. Let’s just leave them.”
    Cora shrugged. “Whatever you say.”
    Sparx whispered in Astro’s ear. “Thank you, brother. The RRF is forever in your debt.”
    Astro followed Cora and the others outside.
    “So what is your name?” Cora asked.
    “Um, Toby, but that’s not who I really am,” Astro said. “You see—”
    “Dude, it’s a simple question,” Cora said impatiently.

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