Audition - Southern Belles Part 1 (Erotic Romance Series)

Audition - Southern Belles Part 1 (Erotic Romance Series) by Amanda Heartley Read Free Book Online

Book: Audition - Southern Belles Part 1 (Erotic Romance Series) by Amanda Heartley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Heartley
hands gently stroking her folds. He slipped a finger inside her and the sensation made her tremble. He expertly fingered her pussy, sliding his finger in and over her G-spot, massaging for a moment, then rubbing her engorged clitoris with his thumb.
    Annie was near release when he stopped , his hands tightened on her hips, and he leaned forward, his mouth seeking hers, before sliding down her neck in hot, fast kisses. His body was hot against hers; he pushed a few papers out of the way, letting her lean back more, before pressing his hips in tight against hers. She guided his smooth length right up to her sex, a low moan escaping as his tip nudged against her clit.
    In a long , slow movement, he drove himself deep inside her. She whimpered, clinging to him, her nails leaving little tracks down his back as she panted against him. Slowly he began to move, his body rocking into hers as his cock drove deeper and deeper into her tight, wet pussy.
    She had to bite down on his shoulder to keep from crying out, her whole body shaking with the shock and pleasure of him deep inside her. Just when she thought that she could bear no more, his fingers slid around to the front, caressing her clit and sending her body reeling.
    He was moving faster now, as they both panted and moaned against each other, his hands pulled her in harder and faster against him. She fell back against the desk, her fingers searching for anything to grab onto as he pounded into her. She arched and lifted, grabbing at his forearms, anything to get traction on the slick desk as she bit back a moan.
    Suddenly, she became light-headed, and she felt the sensations of her climax building up in her belly. Finally, her orgasm crashed through her, causing her whole body to tremble and shake. She cried out, gasping and moaning as he continued to drive his cock into her, sending her over the edge into ecstasy.
    As her muscles finally relaxed and she lean ed back, gasping for air, he began to thrust harder. His fingers were still now and both of his hands came to rest on her pert breasts. They bounced lightly as he pounded harder and harder. Then, in one final stroke, he came deep inside her and she whimpered as she felt his cock pulsating as she gripped him in her pussy and his body shook and quivered.
    He collapsed on top of her for a moment, catching his breath. She panted beneath him, letting her hand wander through his short cropped hair. Finally, he stood, running a hand through his hair to straighten it before looking at her. He removed the condom and tossed it into the trash.
    She was surprised. There was none of the embarrassed look he had before. Instead, he looked just as arrogant and cocky as he had the first day she met him. He reached down to pull up his pants, his eyes travelling once more over her body.
    Annie suddenly felt naked before him. She used one hand to cover her chest while she leaned down to retrieve her underwear. She was all too aware of his eyes on her body while he straightened his jeans and slipped his shirt back on. Annie had barely gotten her panties and bra back on before he turned to walk around the desk, straightening the papers that were there. She fumbled with her silk shirt slipping it on over her head.
    “Thank you,” he said, not meeting her eyes. “Like I said, I’ll give your regards to the director.”
    In a wave, Annie realized just how stupid she had been. Of course he had been manipulating her earlier. She had just done exactly what she had promised herself she wouldn’t do. Her mouth gaped open a moment before realizing that he had no intention of looking up at her.
    “Oh my God! You – you just – oh FUCK YOU!” she screamed, snatching her bag off the table and storming toward his door. It took her a moment to figure out how to unlock it, and she fumed, wishing that she had something more pert to say to him. Instead, she just rushed out of the room the second that the door opened, practically fleeing for the

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