B00724AICC EBOK by A. J. Gallant Read Free Book Online

Book: B00724AICC EBOK by A. J. Gallant Read Free Book Online
Authors: A. J. Gallant
he get the Master back into the game? Piers wanted time to think and the forest was a pleasant enough place.
    HARRIS AND TANNER MILLER were genuine brothers of the notorious variety, known to the law since they were fourteen for terrorizing their neighbors. Shooting houses and car windows with their pellet gun was a favourite pastime at four in the morning, especially during the summer months when they didn’t have to get up until way past noon. Hanging cats was another favourite pastime. The single mother that had raised them had been interested in the bottle more than the two hellish things that had come out of her. Alcohol had an appeal like nothing else. Beer for breakfast suited her just fine, and on some days for lunch as well.
    The two miscreants fed off one another, both mentally and with similar cruel intentions. Their brains soldered with hatred and irreparable things. Their minds could only be changed with a lobotomy. The painful cries of others made them laugh. When Harris said that they should do something with a knife; Tanner would suggest they do it with a gun. If Harris wanted to specifically beat someone unconscious, then Tanner would want to stab the victim in his insentient state. They were two creatures without sympathy for anyone or anything. And they loved destroying public property.
    Sunday afternoons were spent sitting on the curbstone and bouncing ideas off one another for the week ahead. What viciousness could they get away with? What faces could they instill with absolute fear? As the brothers grew older their visions also developed into more sinister ideas. They commenced to think of murder and how incredible it would be, to actually be responsible for putting someone in the ground.
    So it came to be that the two had stopped an eighty-three-year-old gentleman from re-entering his small brick house on the second of January one bitterly cold and windy night, after he had brought the garbage out. They had planned the assault for a week, and how they were going to appreciate it. They thought it to be a work of genius and for days they were absolutely giddy with anticipation. They blocked Simon repeatedly and he simply didn’t have the strength to fight them off. The wind had been strong and relentless that evening. A punch to his solar plexus halted his feeble calls for help. Within hours he had succumbed from the elements. They had been as excited as they were certain that it had been the perfect crime. The unflawed offense had always been their heart’s desire. The perfect crime made them impeccable criminals in their horrid hearts. They went to his funeral as he had been a neighbour, and that had been the butter on the already delicious pancake.
    The brothers were sired by the serial killer John Dawson that had finally been caught and executed in Texas for the brutal killings of an entire family of five in Austin. And John’s father had been a killer as well, though only once, and so it seemed that whatever nastiness that ran through them was either in their genes, or taught from one hateful generation to the next. It appeared that the foulness of their actions was steeped in their blood. They had never wanted to be anything but transgressors. Their sole ambition was to be the best of the worst that humanity had to offer. They had not been brought up in the normal sense, but had been beaten up with sticks and belts until the pain had turned to pleasure.
    They were both short in stature but solid individuals that always carried concealed weapons, mostly knifes although they did own a small collection of stolen guns. The guns were rarely used as they preferred the more personal hands on approach. Harris was slightly taller, and both had that look of trouble. They both had dragon tattoos on their forearms like Kwai Chang Caine from the old Kung Fu television series, and their heads were always shaved bald.

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