Bear The Burn (Firebear Brides 1)
needed it, lived on it. She was no good girl, having worked out her frustrations with on-again, off-again boyfriends plenty of times, but this was different. It was raw, hungry, a blazing fire that consumed them both. Her nails dug into his arms, looking for something, anything to hold onto as he made her melt around his massive cock.
    She could feel her orgasm building. When he plunged down to bite and suck at her nipples at the same time as he was stroking into her, she lost her mind. Coiling her fingers into his hair, she let the tightness within her untangle and release in a massive wave of pleasure. Her wetness consumed her and hot jolts of heat and ice flashed through her faster and faster. Royce grinned as she gasped and wailed, her pussy clenching around him and milking him for his seed.
    “Royce! Fuck,” she hissed, nearly unintelligible.
    But as much as she was riding the high, he wasn’t far from it either. His bucking thrusts became faster and more erratic, pounding into her with reckless abandon, until he couldn’t hold back anymore and Tiana felt his hot, thick cum fill her pussy. They both groaned, holding onto each other for dear life, and Tiana loved the way his heart pounded in his chest.
    She was shaking like a leaf and his skin was pimpled with goose bumps, his forehead dug into her shoulder. Her hands snaked around him and she held him there, the thought of letting him get any further from her absolutely impossible to bear. She’d had that cock once, but already it felt like it would be impossible to be without it.
    “That was amazing,” he finally said, looking up and taking a deep breath.
    Tiana’s legs slid lower around him, gripping him by the hips and pulling him in once more while a wicked grin played on her lips.
    “What, done already?” she teased, thoroughly exhausted herself but more than willing to goad him into admitting defeat.
    What she hadn’t been expecting was that one does not simply taunt a bear and get away with it. With a growl that shook her to the core and ignited that fire that had died down to a comfortable ember, he grabbed her and pulled her up along with him, standing up to his full height with Tiana clinging to him with her legs around him. He shoved her against the wall of the barn, the old wood rough against her skin, and his lips maddeningly close to hers again.
    “Just getting started, honey,” he said.
    And he wasn’t kidding.

    Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be. And that worried the hell out of Royce Hamilton.
    He sipped on that pitch black coffee he liked so much, leaning on the doorframe of Hamilton House, looking out over the grounds. The first rays of the sun were snaking their long tongues over Idaho, scorching and burning already at this hour. Their huge plot of land seemed so small and insignificant next to the vast majesty and space of the mountains, but Royce could see his future on those grassy plains and thick forests.
    He could imagine heads of cattle grazing and the barns built up to keep every manner of animal, but probably plenty of sheep. The forests were lush and thick and his bear had been dragging him to run in them at least once a day now. Though “drag” was an understatement. Other than being with Tiana, he enjoyed nothing more than the feel of the forest floor underneath his big paws.
    Tiana had been with him for a few days now. They were making headway with the barn, though they kept getting distracted by each other. It seemed like any second not spent lavishing Tiana’s body with affection and admiration was wasted, so work tended to fall to the wayside every now and then. Royce wasn’t complaining, though. That damn barn had been waiting for him for twenty years. It could wait a little longer. But Tiana’s body, hell, that he needed right now.
    Glancing behind him, he could see the old clock on the hallway wall, ticking away soundly. It was five in the morning and Tiana would be

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