Bear The Burn (Firebear Brides 1)
bountiful breasts. He looked at them with reverence—all of her, really. Tiana would have never imagined that the place she’d felt like the most beautiful woman in the world would be a literal hay shed, slick with perspiration from a day’s hard work. But so it was and she wasn’t about to argue with what was true.
    She missed his lips as soon as they left hers, but when he sucked her nipple into his mouth, she gave a deep, guttural groan that rocked her whole body. He lapped and laved at her nipples and breasts, his hands kneading the mounds and each touch stroking her fire to burn hotter. His body was hard and firm beneath her and when her hands went down to undo his belt and the front of his jeans, he grunted in approval.
    In a flurry of hands and legs, they undressed. A second later, Tiana found herself back in his lap, without a stitch on her, and his thick, throbbing cock locked between their bodies. The impossibly smooth, rosy head was slick with precum, so white that it invited her to lick it. She caught her lower lip between her teeth as he maneuvered her up a bit, leaving her on her knees, towering above his monster cock.
    It was so big, veiny, and hard that she wasn’t entirely convinced she could fit it. But after a lifetime of mediocrity, wasn’t it about time to have something really good? She thought so.
    Without asking, without questioning or doubting, Royce slowly thrust upward. She was lost in his eyes; he was loving the way he kept her transfixed with his gaze. Her nails raked down his shoulders and gripped his biceps as the thick head parted her slit, pressing into her inch by excruciating inch. Shuddering wildly, she pushed her head back and gave herself to the moment, reveling in every second spent making him fit in her.
    “Shit, honey, you’re so tight,” he growled, and it was like a badge of honor for her.
    Making him feel good made her feel good. In her somewhat selfish world order, that was something new. Something to cherish. She wanted to be sure that he loved every moment of it as much as she did. She wanted to make him roar and buck and lose his mind like he was doing to her. By the time she had sunk down his length, making her feel like it was winding her up and making her tick like a time bomb, she had no doubt that she would make him feel every bit as good as he was her.
    Pushing her palms down on his chest, she started to slowly rock back and forth on him, his hands firmly on her hips. Every movement was accompanied by a whimpered gasp, his size filling her up so fully that she was left gasping for air and struggling with the tight fit. But it was exactly right. She was slick as hell around him, drowning in her juices, and the first time she raised up higher and pounded down on him sent them both moaning heavily.
    “Oh my God, you’re so big,” she whined, knowing full well that it sounded a bit silly and a bit contrived, but so true.
    “This is what you wanted since you saw me, wasn’t it?” he teased, but he was gritting his teeth and his fingers were digging into her hips. “When you walked in on me, you knew what you were dealing with, honey. Is this what you needed?” he growled.
    She nodded eagerly, breathing in big, haggard gulps as she rode him with abandon. Her core twisted and pulsed within her, just like his big cock was throbbing to the beat of his heart.
    “Ohhh, Royce! Yes,” she whispered, running out of words and voice.
    He flipped her over as she started shuddering on top of him, letting her fall into the soft hay as he got on top of her. Her knees were pressed against her chest as he opened her wide, spreading her legs around him so he could plunge in deeper and harder. The first thrust sent her screaming and the second saw her losing her mind completely. She hung on for dear life as Royce thrust into her, each movement long, hard, and fast.
    Bottoming out every time, he drilled her like she would have never imagined herself enjoying. But she wanted it,

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