Beautiful Entourage

Beautiful Entourage by E. L. Todd Read Free Book Online

Book: Beautiful Entourage by E. L. Todd Read Free Book Online
Authors: E. L. Todd
    “Okay.” She returned to her computer. “Any other special requests?”
    “Like what?”
    “Accents? Dialects?”
    I could pick his accent? “American is fine.”
    “Okay.” She made a few more notes. “Rhett will be your escort. He’ll meet you for coffee tomorrow at Starbucks at noon sharp.”
    “But I don’t need him then…” That was quick. This woman was like a puppeteer.
    “This meeting is free. You’re just going to get to know each other so when he attends an event with you, it’s not obvious you’ve never met.”
    That made sense. “Okay, I’ll be there.”
    She stood up then shook my hand. “It was a pleasure meeting you. Call me if you need anything.”
    “Thank you.” I couldn’t believe I actually agreed to this.
    “Have a wonderful day.”
    I walked out, feeling a little dizzy.
    I was actually doing this.
    I was nervous even though I shouldn’t be. The meeting was no different than a work conference. It was just a conversation, an open dialogue about the arrangement I paid for.
    There was no reason to be nervous.
    I had a backbone when it came to my job. I could be fearless and cold. Unless it was my way, there wasn’t a way at all. But in my personal life, I was calmer. I was stressed about work as it was, and there was no reason to increase that level of stress outside the office.
    I found a table in Starbucks and sat alone. A girl near me had headphones on and she looked like she was studying. Judging her age, she was in college. A table away, there was a couple talking quietly. Their meeting seemed awkward. Perhaps they were old lovers. The blender behind the counter would go off and catch my attention. I forgot about it once the noise was gone, but it caught my attention again as the loud noise pierced my ears.
    I wore a green dress with strappy white sandals. My brown hair was over one shoulder and I felt the earrings hang from my lobes. I didn’t want to look like crap when I first met him. Sitting alone didn’t bother me, but I grew tired of the stares directed my way. Was it that odd I was sitting alone?
    The door opened and someone stepped inside. It was a man dressed in black slacks and a gray collared shirt. His chest was expansive and his stomach was tight. I couldn’t see through his clothes, but it was clear his frame was covered in muscle.
    He was tall, at least six feet or more. A Rolex was on his wrist and he wore shiny dress shoes. A black tie hung from his neck. As he came inside, he glanced around.
    Penetrating blue eyes met mine, and realization seemed to flash in them. They were bright, reminding me of the clear blue sea found off the coast of Mexico. The warmth reflected in them was like a tropical beach, playful and inviting. His eyes caught my attention because they were not only beautiful, but deep.
    He had a strong jaw, reminding me of Clint Eastwood or a star from a western film. His skin was fair but had a slight tint to it, like he was outside often. His mouth contained thin lips but they stretched into an alluring smile as he looked my way. Wide shoulders led to a formidable chest. I stared at each feature over and over again, hoping I didn’t miss anything.
    Was that him?
    Rhett came my way, passing the other tables as he went. He was clearly headed for me.
    Ohmygod, it was him. Damn, he was gorgeous. I definitely underpaid.
    Rhett reached my table with an aura of welcome. “You must be Aspen.” He stared into my face, and his eyes examined every inch of me as mine did to him. They flashed a lighter shade of blue as he watched me. Then they faded back to their natural color. He extended his hand to shake mine. “I’m Rhett. It’s nice to meet you.”
    I snapped out of my moment of gawking then shook his hand. “It’s a pleasure.” My voice was surprisingly steady for how hard my heart was beating.
    He sat in the seat across from me with perfect posture, and his shoulders were straight. They expanded past the chair, showing

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