Believe by Lauren Dane Read Free Book Online

Book: Believe by Lauren Dane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lauren Dane
he just pretended he didn’t know that and continued to eat.
    “I was just thinking how we’d get to make them at the new house, or maybe look for a house that has them? Maybe a lot with a lot of trees. Yes. I’d like a house surrounded by trees. I’m so excited for this.”
    And she truly was. He saw it in her face. And peace washed through him as he could let go of that worry. Gratitude that she felt the same way for him that he felt for her.
    “Trees sound very good. I want a yard with a deck. Obviously we’d want to stay close to our families but there’s a lot out there right now.”
    “Good. Okay so back to what I was saying. You’re efficient with all sorts of manly deeds. You deal with car stuff and the filters in the heating system and you hang stuff and lug stuff.”
    Only Rori would tell this particular story in this particular way.
    “But you’re good at other things. You’re good at people. No matter their personality type you can, I don’t know, put people at ease. Unless you don’t want to and then you disturb them.” She sent him a raised brow, most likely referring to their rocky beginnings.
    “You’re ridiculously good in bed. Like whoa.” She fanned herself while waggling her brows, making him choke a laugh.
    “Physically you just have it going on. You’re all outdoorsy and athletic. You can assemble a tent in, like, no time flat. You don’t even get lost when we go new places. You have just an unfair sense of direction. All in all.” She paused to take another sip of wine and pointed her fork at him for emphasis. “All in all, you’re just peachy keen. You know? It’s got to be damned hard to be good at everything and not be a total jerk about it. I admire that.” She popped her fork into her mouth and sat back with a happy sigh.
    “Well, thank you. I don’t know that much of that is true. But I do know we’re magic together. And in bed? When you give to me and I take it? When your hair is wrapped around my fist and you’re making those soft whimpers and my cock is buried in you? That is extraordinary.”
    She blinked a few times. “You say the best stuff. Honestly.”
    That she felt that way about him mattered. He hadn’t known it would, but once she’d said it all to him, he realized it did.
    Once they’d reached the lemon tart and chocolate cake, he leaned back and rolled his shoulders.
    “I think we’re learning. You know?” Rori brought him from his thoughts.
    “I do, yes. It humbles me to admit this, but it’s not like I knew how to do this before you and I. I knew what I liked. I knew you and I had a spark in a big way. I knew D/s would be part of our relationship. But it’s not like you’re born a perfect top. And it feels douchey to even say that out loud.” He sighed.
    “Do you really think so?” She shrugged. “Seems to me you admitting you’re learning and that you’re working to be the best partner to me in every sense is pretty important.”
    “I’m not used to uncertainty.”
    “No.” She struggled not to smile and he rolled his eyes. “I’m serious. Even though it’s very cute and all, you like to be in charge. Hello. I mean sort of necessary to like to tie a girl up and flog her and to manage to get her to not only like it, but crave it. You own your sexuality, Jude. In a way…in a way that makes me wet just thinking about it. But you’re not used to not being automatically good at something, or to not necessarily knowing if you’re doing all you can and doing it right. It sucks, I’m sure. Lucky for you, you seem to have a natural aptitude for making my knees turn to rubber.”
    “One thing I’m always sure of is when it’s just us. Alone. When I’m topping you, I know every step, not always until I take it, but I’m sure of each step. It’s so easy and natural between us. I just want to do it all right.”
    “I’m not sure even you can do this without mistakes. We love each other. We’re two independent and strong willed

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