Beloved by Corinne Michaels Read Free Book Online

Book: Beloved by Corinne Michaels Read Free Book Online
Authors: Corinne Michaels
Tags: Beloved
    Jackson shifts in his seat. “Yes, but you haven’t said I’m not.” His brow rises. “Well? Any more casualties?”
    “Anyone ever tell you you’re a pain in the ass?”
    He shrugs and leans closer to me. “I’ve been called worse.” His voice drops to a low rasp. “I didn’t mind having your ass on me. It’s not every day I get to save a beautiful woman.”
    “I wasn’t talking about my ass. I was saying you are an ass.”
    He’s an expert at twisting my words. Typically, I can banter better than most people. Sarcasm is my first language. I’m either off my game today or Jackson’s thrown me—I’m not sure which.
    Jackson smirks and his gravelly voice stirs the butterflies in my stomach. “I think you’re afraid of how handsome I am.”
    “I think we can add frustrating to the list of your attributes.”
    Jackson clears his throat. “So where’s your ring?”
    “Oh, ummm, I left it home.”
    The train starts moving. I only have about ten more minutes with him before we arrive at my station. I’m hoping there will be another delay so I can talk to him longer, or stare—either works for me.
    “So what’s his name?” I scrunch my brows, confused by his question. “Your fiancé?”
    “I should’ve said I left it home because he’s not my fiancé anymore,” I reply.
    “Sorry to hear that, but I’m sure he’s much more sorry than I am.” Jackson grins, showing me that adorable dimple of his. For the first time, I get a strong whiff of his cologne. Why didn’t I notice it before? Now that I have, the thought crosses my mind that I could inhale it all day and be perfectly happy.
    “Thanks. I’m not so sure he’s sorry at all, but I appreciate you saying that.” I smile.
    His face changes and his now serious gaze locks on mine. It’s intense, so much so that I can’t look anywhere but into his captivating eyes. “I can assure you, Catherine, if he’s not sorry yet, he will be someday. Any man would be an idiot to let someone as gorgeous as you go,” he says, and his eyes dart to my lips.
    “Jackson,” I say in a breathy whisper, unsure of whether or not I can say anything more than his name. My mind is scattered, invaded by thoughts of his lips touching mine, the feel of his mouth on mine, and all the ways I want to explore him. No one has ever confused me like this. I don’t know anything about him, but I crave his touch, his words, his presence. Something about him stirs feelings deep within me. Maybe it’s not something at all. Maybe it’s just him.
    I turn to say more, but the train stops. Shit!
    “I have to go. This is my stop.” I fail to keep the disappointment out of my voice.
    I step past him into the aisle. As I’m about to walk away, he grabs my hand and places a kiss against my knuckles. “Until next time.”
    Though I only have a minute before the train leaves again, I have to say something. I go with the only reply I’m capable of. “Good-bye, Jackson.”
    I exit the train feeling off balance. Between Neil’s antics and seeing Jackson unexpectedly, I need to talk to Ashton more than ever. I feel like I’m one of those Stretch Armstrong dolls being pulled so taut I’m about to snap. I’m digging through my bag, looking for my keys, when someone grabs my shoulder, startling me.
    I gasp and turn only to be gazing back into Jackson’s eyes.
    “Hey.” He smiles and drops his hand.
    “Hi,” I reply, bemused.
    “Sorry, I realized you dropped your keys. Didn’t want you to have another disaster.” Jackson smiles warmly.
    “How noble of you to save me again ,” I say, moving through the parking lot toward my car.
    “I guess this is our thing .”
    “Oh, we have a thing, do we?” I ask with a smile.
    “Are you asking about my thing?”
    I gasp, immediately feeling my face flame red. “What? No! I never said anything about your thing.”
    He laughs out loud, full-on belly laughing at me. After he recovers, his voice drops as he says, “So you

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