Betting on Beaumont: A Brooklyn Novel #3 (The Brooklyn Series)

Betting on Beaumont: A Brooklyn Novel #3 (The Brooklyn Series) by Danielle Jamie Read Free Book Online

Book: Betting on Beaumont: A Brooklyn Novel #3 (The Brooklyn Series) by Danielle Jamie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Danielle Jamie
minute you two got together.”
    Kayden’s eyes narrow and a look of complete confusion settles in as his brows furrow together.
    I feel every muscle in my body tense as Savannah’s grip on my hand tightens.
    This cannot be happening.
    In a last ditch effort, Savannah reaches out to Kayden again, gripping his forearm and pleading with him, “Kayden, please, don’t do this! Come with me please, so we can talk about this privately.” The panic and fear in her voice makes me physically ill. I find myself wishing that we could turn back the clock twenty-four hours because the pain in my best friend’s face is enough to shred my heart into a million tiny pieces. She doesn’t deserve this humiliation, and that is exactly what Shayne is doing to her.
    At this moment, I’m ready to beat Kayden to the punch—literally— and knock Shayne straight in his devious mouth to shut him the hell up.
    Kayden shakes his head no all the while not taking his eyes off of Shayne. I can see he’s fighting an internal battle…stay here and defend his honor like the caveman in him wants to, or listen to Savannah and walk away.
    “I’m not going anywhere. Not until Shayne here has his moment on his soap box. Go on, Shayne; please enlighten me on your relationship with my fiancée!”
    Oh for fucks sake!
    Leaning against the table and resting his hands on either side of himself, Shayne turns to Savannah. “Sorry, doll, I won’t let him walk around acting like I’m trying to stick my dick into his chick.”
    The group of people who’ve been partying at Shayne’s table have now turned their full attention to the fight underway between the two friends now turned enemies over my best friend.
    “This is fuckin’ stupid! You two need to stop this pissing contest and get over your freaking selves! You guys are friends! Don’t let something so elementary come between you two. Kayden threw you this party, for Christ sake!” I’m fed up with this bullshit. It needs to stop now before it makes this situation worse than it already is. I shove myself between the two barbarians trying to get them to cut this fucking shit out.
    Where the hell is security when you need them?
    I’m standing here in fucking stilettoes and a maxi dress trying to stop a rumble that’s about to occur in this damn club and not one person is attempting to step in and help. They’re all too eager to witness a throw down between Kayden and Shayne.
    Kayden’s frustration is evident as he rakes his fingers through his hair and lets out a sharp breath. Stepping around me he shoves himself back in front of Shayne, fisting his shirt in his hand. Clenching his teeth together Kayden hisses, “Say what it is you have to say—my patience is running thin!”
    Shayne flashes a small smile at Kayden, reciprocating Kayden’s actions. He grabs a fist full of Kayden’s shirt in return as he spits, “Don’t push me, Knox . I never turn down a fight, no matter who the fuck it is.”
    Kayden releases a raspy chuckle as he stares down Shayne. “ I never back down either. ”
    Ain’t that the truth.
    If you looked up the definition of a fucking Southern hot head , you’d find a picture of Kayden Knox. Logan learned that first hand at Drip in Galveston. Even with Shayne being an MMA fighter, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll meet his match if he’s stupid enough to fight Kayden.
    “I’d hate to beat your ass a week before the big fight. You keep pushing me, and you’ll leave me no other option. So say whatever the fuck you gotta say before I knock your ass out, just for the simple fact that you had your mouth on Savannah last night.”
    Shayne releases his grip on Kayden’s shirt and shoves him back a few steps away from him. Staring him down, Shayne runs his hand over his shaved head. It’s as if he’s getting a thrill out of this blow up happening between them. What kind of person enjoys causing other people pain?
    “You may have Savannah now, but I had her

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