Billionaire Decoded

Billionaire Decoded by Nella Tyler Read Free Book Online

Book: Billionaire Decoded by Nella Tyler Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nella Tyler
felt before about getting hired for
a new job.
    To say that she had slept well the
previous evening was an understatement. After pleasuring herself, she had
climbed into bed and slept like a baby. She woke earlier than usual following
morning, even before the alarm went off. She decided to make good use of the
time. While her coffee brewed, she toasted a muffin and moved to the narrow
counter that divided her kitchen from the living space. She turned on her
computer, which she kept on the counter, and decided to do a little research on
Alyson Shaw.
    By the time her computer booted up
and she had typed in some search terms, her muffin and coffee were ready. As
she began reading, her heart sank. Crap. She’d found plenty of gossip articles
about Alyson and Brecken and their whirlwind romance. As she already knew, Alyson
co-owned the company with Brecken. Talk about a thorny work environment. The
details regarding their breakup were scarce, but innuendo and the hint of a
possible affair surrounded their tumultuous relationship.
    Yes, Brecken had told her last night
that Alyson was crazy, but that was such a general comment. Chances were the
most exes would say that about their former lovers, but what exactly did he mean
by it? Heather had already gotten an unfortunate inkling of Alyson's attitude.
She was a stuck up, spoiled, demanding bitch, but that had nothing to do with
her business acumen. It looked like Alyson's family was rich, but not quite as
rich as Brecken's. Her parents had passed away over five years ago. They had
left the bulk of their estate to her and she was obviously doing pretty well on
her own.
    Even millionaires had to invest
their money to make it last years, decades…if not a lifetime, so it was
apparent that Alyson had a good head on her shoulders. The fact that she had
started a company with Brecken was even more of an indication that she knew
what she was doing.
    Still, Heather didn't get the
impression that Alyson was a computer whiz. Once again, she thought about Shaw &
Burk. Could they possibly make that much money with computer programming? Did
they work for the Defense Department, another government agency, or global
entities? They had to be bringing the money in some way, but just computer
    Maybe she would learn more about the
company as she got more familiar with the digital books, but still, she was
curious. Finishing her coffee, she got ready for work.
    Heather spent the day sitting in
front of her computer working on spreadsheets. She didn't see hide nor hair of Brecken,
which was probably just as well because every time Heather thought about him,
she remembered what she had done in the shower last night and felt her cheeks
flush with warmth.
    It was early February, and while it
was still brisk and cold outside, it hadn't snowed in a week. As she took her
break in the middle of the afternoon, Heather gazed out the window and wondered
if she should schedule a spa appointment for the following day. Saturdays and
Sundays had always been her usual days off, but it had been a busy week, what
with her interview on Wednesday, her first day yesterday, and today being
    Would Brecken expect her to work on
Saturdays? She wasn't sure. With the amount of money he was paying her, she
supposed she wouldn't mind, although she was used to having her weekends free. Come
to think of it, she didn't even know what her schedule would look like. Would
she take weekends off, or would she get two days off in the middle of the week,
or even one day early in the week, another day later?
    She opened the desk drawer and found
the list of extensions for all the employees in the company, thought about
calling Brecken to ask, but then decided not to. He was busy enough and didn't
need to answer stupid questions. She could always call someone in the HR
department, but she didn’t even want to do that. It might seem silly to ask.
She would take the weekend off, unless of course, he called and told

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