Billionaire Romance: Flame

Billionaire Romance: Flame by Stephanie Graham Read Free Book Online

Book: Billionaire Romance: Flame by Stephanie Graham Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Graham
yes.  Though she had never known one, she had heard things about wizards in the past.
                  “What have you heard?” 
                  “That they could do magic.  They could control anything they wanted, and most of the time they were cruel and mean.”  She replied.
    John chuckled.  “Do you believe that Clyde?”  John laughed loudly.  “We aren’t all cruel and mean, though there are some that can be that way, yes.”  He said after he had finished laughing.
                  “Who’s Clyde?”  She asked again.
                  “Well I might as well tell you about him.  He’s my spirit guide.  Like my conscience, or so he claims.  Not all wizards find their spirit guides that is when they are normally cruel and mean.  They have nothing to stop them from taking everything they desire.  Clyde usually keeps me in line, or at least tries.”  John admitted, as a vision of making love to the girl appeared in his mind. Clyde had tried to stop him, but John had went with his body on that one.  He was quite happy about it too, and wouldn’t mind undressing her again, soon.
                  “Oh.”  She replied.
                  “I can explain a bit more about Clyde later.  But for now I want to really study your body, make sure that whoever left you in the woods didn’t do more to you.  Is that okay?”
                  “Will it hurt?”  She asked.
                  “Not at all.  It may feel a bit warm, but it will not hurt.”  He stated.
                  “Okay, what do I have to do?”
                  “Just relax.”  He said.
    She shook her head.  John looked at her intensely and asked Clyde if he could also look into her body with him.  That way there were two of them who were double checking everything.  He placed his fingers on her temples and held them there.  He tried to access her memories, it was a mess in her mind, all jumbled and broken up.
                  “Clyde, help.”  John said.  Clyde did his best to straighten up the thoughts and place them in the right order.
    John watched in her mind as the past came into clear view.  There was the girl, she was backing into the corner.  Her attacker was a male, about 30 years old, balding, not at all attractive.  He pushed further so he could be there while the past happened.
                  “Why do you do this to me?”  He yelled. 
                  “I didn’t do anything Joe.”  She cowered in the corner.
                  “Oh come now Janice.  You made me look bad in front of everyone tonight.  You and that story about whatever the hell it was.  They were all laughing at me.”  He slapped her hard across the face.  “This is your fault.  If you would just keep in line I would never had to hit you.”  He slapped her again.  John could hear the crunching of her nose as it broke.
                  “Please don’t, you broke my nose.”  She cried out.
                  “Fuck you Janice.  From now on you better behave.  I’m telling you, one more mess up and I’m done with you.  They’ll never find your body.”  He screamed at her and hit her again.
                  “Please Howard, stop.”  She screamed.
                  “Stop screaming.”  He yelled, and wrapped his hands around her neck.  He squeezed and John could feel her body cry out in pain and fear.  She was losing consciousness. 
    John let go of her temples.  He knew what had happened.  This Howard thought he had killed her, and had dumped her in the woods.  Thankfully, Janice hadn’t woken up until after he was gone, or she might really be dead. 
                  “What did you see?”  She asked him.
                  “Your name is Janice.  Do you remember a man named

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